Chris Brown Turns 20 Today

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We'd wish Chris Brown a happy 20th birthday on this 5th of May, but we're not sure he's deserving. Hopefully the music star lays low today and reflects on the serious crimes he is charged with after "allegedly" beating Rihanna to a pulp.

So enjoy your birthday, Chris, if only because it may be your last one in some time that isn't spent behind bars. That's enough to make you go ...

Chris Brown: Oh Yeah!

Brown has pleaded not guilty to assault and criminal threats charges stemming from the February 8 attack on his then girlfriend. If convicted, he faces nearly five years in prison, though he is trying to hammer out a plea deal.

If Brown and the prosecution are unable to reach a mutually acceptable plea bargain, his attorney will have no choice proceed with the defense - likely to center around the leaked Rihanna pic that surfaced after the incident.

Will he beat the rap? Will he learn from his ways? Will he fly into another blinding rage over rumors that Rihanna is now back with her ex, Negus Sealy?

Only time will tell. For now, we'll just mark Chris Brown's 20th birthday with a little photo gallery of the embattled star. Click to enlarge:

CB Pic
A Rihanna and Chris Brown Picture
Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriend
Jet Skiing Madman

Im lyshawn and i just want to say that if Chris Brown's birthday is on the 5th of may then his birthday is the same day as my son. And get this my son name is chris too. So Chris Brown have a happy c-day to you and have fun for my son too. Love your music.


Chris brown ma super star ..happy birthday ..hope u have a U (L)!!=)


First of all yes he mad a mistake so what everyone is acting like they have never done something wrong. no im not sayin it was right but give the man a break,DAM. ok maybe you havent beaten your girl, but im sure you have done something just as bad. so just leave him alone. let him enjoy his birthday in peace. love you chris


hi chris i just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and i hope that you had great fun although i was so angry that your birthday party was not on tv but i am so proud of your hard work all this years happy birthday


chris brown got the same birthday as meee(:
happy birthday chrisss! :D


hope u have had a sexy b day i would like u to come to Cherise and Nikeira 16 d day


hope u have had a g8 b day if got time would u come to C

Avatar check that out then


happy bday chris brown al u peps stop da gossip it aint ryt let em b who he is. happy bday wishn u da best mak it hapn. africa loves u chris mwah.n we missn u cme visit us soon n leav da gossip behind.


Hollywood Gossip why in the hell would you run a title like that, he's a human being who made a mistake. If it were your child how would you feel to see ignorant people publically condemn a 19 year old for an obvious act of poor judgement. This is wrong! just horrible journalism! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS BROWN, NOT EVERYONE THINKS LIKE THESE PEOPLE.

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