Chris Brown Balls with Shaq, is a Tool

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Usher sat courtside with him at an NBA playoff game.

Bow Wow helped him shoot an asinine YouTube video.

Chris Brown Halloween Costume

Now Shaq invites him to hoop it up on his private court.

Apparently Chris Brown is officially out of celebrity exile.

For months, no one (well, except that jackass T.I.) would even comment on the fact that Chris Brown allegedly beat Rihanna to an unconscious, bloody pulp.

But now he's all over the celebrity scene, like the whole thing never happened.

Dude still hasn't apologized or even shown the decency to lay low until his felony case is settled in court. Nice to see him welcomed back with open arms.


I agree they should leave chris alone and he probably has apologised to rhianna but she just wants to make a scene out it I love chris


exactly Trina he did not hit any of us so hence why does he need to say sorry to the public?


She what to her brother???Aw hell.I think this is gone on way t long.And he dont have to apologise to us.Really it aint none of our business.


But please help me understand why the media has went at Chris Brown so hard?? I guess because of Rihanna's statement, which doesn't mention one thing at all about her part in this incident. Other than the fact that she slapped him before. Anyone in their right mind knows that Rihanna went off when she saw the text from the other woman and escalated this to a actual fight. Why didn't she get out the car when Chris tried to push her out? She was too concerned that he was going to meet the person that texted him..I agree Chris is here to stay because he is a genuinely DECENT person and a talented dancer, song writer, actor, singer. I think the media reporting these stories about him - have never seen how decent of a person is he. They are just going by this incident and they definitely don't know about Rihanna hitting on him or cracking her brother in the head with a glass bottle...


@no life~ i couldve said it better my self. Leave him be damn!


get a life did he hit you or one of ur family members "NO"! the only person he need to apologize to is Rihanna. which he problaly did dat why she took his ass back a week after. Now find another story to milk on. Chris is here to stay, he not going nowhere.

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