Chris Brown Balls with Shaq, is a Tool

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Usher sat courtside with him at an NBA playoff game.

Bow Wow helped him shoot an asinine YouTube video.

Chris Brown Halloween Costume

Now Shaq invites him to hoop it up on his private court.

Apparently Chris Brown is officially out of celebrity exile.

For months, no one (well, except that jackass T.I.) would even comment on the fact that Chris Brown allegedly beat Rihanna to an unconscious, bloody pulp.

But now he's all over the celebrity scene, like the whole thing never happened.

Dude still hasn't apologized or even shown the decency to lay low until his felony case is settled in court. Nice to see him welcomed back with open arms.

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I agree with most folks... A. Why is everyone making every effort to point out chris' part in this bullshit? But forgetting to ask (some probably dont even wonder) what rihanna's roll or "part" in this? B. Why should he have to publicly apologize to...anyone...i believe that he could privately apologize to Rihanna...and C. Why is everyone acting like other men havent "Beat" or "hit" any woman or that woman are angels? He made a "mistake" you cant get mad cause everyones not dwelling in it...rihannas not innocent... Believe that look at all chris had to lose...would u risk it over nothing?


@Bettyboop dont call urself betty boop bitch your nowhere to her standards!


hahahaah txt me fool 712 560 6091


hahah damn that look funny lol:)


Chris Brown hit a woman multiple (that means more than once for you Chris Brown supporters) times. Why? No good reason. That is the bottom line. Men don't hit women. Not a new concept here folks so I will slow it down for you


man enough is a fuckin nough everybody has been acting like this shit is all one sided i'm not sying what he did is right but not once have i heard anyone ask what her roll in causing this to happen was every story has two sides let's all remember that before we rush to judge witch is not or place to do in the frist place


Perfect work!


I don't recall Brittney Spears, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Josh Brolin, Terrance Howard, Ryan O'Neal, James Brown etc.apologizing for anything that they did, why should he owe us anything, when are you to feel as though he does? I'm glad to see Chris back enjoying himself, Brittney is and what kind of mother is she that she lost custody of her children and her father had to take control of her affairs but... I don't see anyone saying she has to apologize for all of the dumb things she was doing. Chris Brown hasn't did half of what a lot of people have done, they are like Josh Brolin and Diane Lane, didn't want people like you in their business so she dropped the charges. Keep on making music Chris, you have a long music and acting career ahead of you.


Yay! I'm so happy he is back! My arms are opened to welcome him too! We love you Chris! You are forgiven! I am not God -I can't judge or condemn your actions!!!


oh sweetie, don't be upset because Chris has more people who love him than you could ever or because he makes more money than you could ever hope to make. Be upset because you are such a failure at life and disgust everybody who reads your writing.

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