Carrie Prejean Update: New Topless Photo, Tami Farrell Ready to Take Crown

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It's official: Carrie Prejean has lied about topless photos almost as often as George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Earlier this week, in response to a leaked picture of her topless, the controversial beauty queen claimed there were "no other photos" of herself in such a pose.

Prejean Press Conference

But has published a new shot of Prejean, once again wearing nothing but a sexy pair of pink undies. We aren't math majors, but we're pretty sure this makes TWO topless Carrie Prejean pics:

Are more racy photos of Carrie Prejean on the way? And will she continue to mislead the public about their existence? Stay tuned!

Forget her religion, forget her Bible references and forget her stance on gay marriage. People of California, we ask:

Do you want someone representing you that has not only violated the nudity clause in her pageant's contract, but has proceeded to lie about how many times she did so?

Meanwhile, Tami Farrell appeared on Access Hollywood last night. The Miss California runner-up said she's ready to take on the crown if officials strip it from Prejean.

"I would be honored to represent the state of California if they need me for my responsibilities as first runner-up," Tami said. "I wouldn't mind stepping into the spotlight."

As for Carrie, Farrell tried to remain diplomatic: "There is a lot of controversy right now. I commend her actually for taking a stance in something she believes in."


It seems liberalism is poisoning the youth. It doesn't take much brains to analyze this photo... but people are fed this and essentially told "don't use your head, we will think FOR you, and tell you what to think". It's a complete dumbing down, and is a disgrace. How anyone isn't embarrassed to publish this nonsense is proof in itself.


Ummmm anyone remember Tara? Miss USA 2006? Yeah. I'm pretty sure she tested positive for coke, got wasted, and made out with Miss Teen USA at a bar and got to keep the crown... This poor girl voices a personal opinion and everyone wants her out. Moral of the world of entertainment: Drugs are ok, just don't make fun of homos. If you want moral character you should be looking at the Miss America pageant. Miss USA is a modeling competition.


Well, she did use religion as her backing for political views. And there is nothing wrong with that - she is perfectly entitled to that. However, when she used religious morals as her backing, that opened up her religious life to the public eye. Yes, they were specifically looking for things that would damage the reputation of her religious life. Thus deeming her "un-Christian" and unfit to use religion as her reason for being opposed to gay marriage. However, nobody would have gone looking for those photos had her comments not offended so many people. Are they right to do that to her? Is she right to pose nude for whatever reason? That's all relative and up to the person reading the post. What is certain is this: she posed semi-nude and there is a spool of photos from the shoot to prove it. That is against the rules.


This has nothing to do with her views on gay marriage!! She broke the rules and she should be out. If she was for gay marriage everyone would just think she should be out.


Why are so many people attacking this girl? She has done nothing but stand up for herself....I did not read anywhere that she said that!! She said, "I am a Christian, and I am a model," Prejean said. "Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos." See the "s" in the word "pictures"?!? That means plural, more than one photo....As in the photos taken of her in the swimsuit competition, and all other contestants of the contest...all partially nude, all sanctioned by the pageant. This attack on her is only because of her stance on the gay marriage issue and is sickening. It has gon way too far and has severely hurt your cause. It is distancing your views from the majority. It is a sick atttempt to manipulate others in to staying hush, in fear of being smeared and attacked.....the general public does not just see through this shit, but are angered by it....take that poll you asses.


Give me a break, actually give the poor girl a break. Notice the same panties so this is the same modeling job that she already admitted to doing. Get over it, she has a right to be opposed to gay marriage. I admire her courage in being honest rather than politically correct.... obviously the people out to get her are not that moral...


Who cares if it was only one photoshoot?! She still broke the rules AND lied about it. I think thsi Tami Farrel seems much more deserving and honest. Carrie Prejean is a liar and totally fake.


Have you all lost it completely? This is the same exact photoshoot.
Since when did you hear about a photoshoot where only a single photo was taken? There's obviously a sick agenda behind this.

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