Carrie Prejean Update: New Topless Photo, Tami Farrell Ready to Take Crown

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It's official: Carrie Prejean has lied about topless photos almost as often as George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Earlier this week, in response to a leaked picture of her topless, the controversial beauty queen claimed there were "no other photos" of herself in such a pose.

Prejean Press Conference

But has published a new shot of Prejean, once again wearing nothing but a sexy pair of pink undies. We aren't math majors, but we're pretty sure this makes TWO topless Carrie Prejean pics:

Are more racy photos of Carrie Prejean on the way? And will she continue to mislead the public about their existence? Stay tuned!

Forget her religion, forget her Bible references and forget her stance on gay marriage. People of California, we ask:

Do you want someone representing you that has not only violated the nudity clause in her pageant's contract, but has proceeded to lie about how many times she did so?

Meanwhile, Tami Farrell appeared on Access Hollywood last night. The Miss California runner-up said she's ready to take on the crown if officials strip it from Prejean.

"I would be honored to represent the state of California if they need me for my responsibilities as first runner-up," Tami said. "I wouldn't mind stepping into the spotlight."

As for Carrie, Farrell tried to remain diplomatic: "There is a lot of controversy right now. I commend her actually for taking a stance in something she believes in."


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Gee... I always assumed topless meant your tits were showing... Pictures of your back are not really topless, are they? I think you can see more on network TV... Get real


What surprises me is why she got implants just before the Miss USA contest. Did she really need to be more fully endowed?


I really hate the hypocrisy showing right now. I don't care whether the girl is pro or con marriage, and when she did decide to answer her question straight on, I had all the respect in the world for her, and then some. However, I lost all that respect when the extent of the girl's hypocristy showed, passing judgement on the morals of others while violating commandments of her own moral codex in the process. For that she is a hypocrite and has lost all worth as a spokeswoman for anything to me. This is not about what she believes, but about being true to those stated facts. This girl is fake to the core, and has no business getting any sort of media time.


the 2nd one is a fake. the hair is identical in both photos. please explain that!


I think this is a bit of a tempest in a teapot; these photos are barely PG. At least when they busted Vanessa Williams she left nothing to the imagination! And damn she looked good! Besides, hers were naturals. This tart has bolt-ons. Not nearly as impressive.


You can call it a smear campaign but if there were no photos in the first place there would be nothing to smear.


Interesting. I never said the photos were immoral. I never said she was not a Christian. I said she was going to painted as such because of these photos. What I did say was that -any which way you look at it- she violated the rules of the pageant. I'm not on the pageant board so it's not my decision and therfore; my opinion of what should happen to Carrie is irrelevant. I personally don't see this as a religion/morals issue but others will paint it as such simply because Carrie is stating her religion/morals as the reason she opposes gay marrige. I do see this as a rules issue. The pageant committee has to look at the rules and see if she violated them.


She did not "use" her religion or Christianity in general...she also did not pose nude for pics. She is not nude in these say more of her the night of the Miss USA broadcast, internationally!! Most of thos "swimsuits showed more cleavage than you can see of her armpit/boob-age in these photos. These pictures are not immoral, nor has she behaved immorally, in a Christian or non-Christian way. I, also, do not see how these pictures could be considered partially nude, compared to the pics Miss Cali has posted of her in a string bikini!! These aren't even bikini panties, they are boy shorts! You leftist hypocrites need to keep digging, as this will not suffice her losing her crown or even a shred of dignity! You should be ashamed for taking your hate and narrowminded asses to such an extreme level of a smear campaign!!

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