Carrie Prejean Day: Denied!

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A few facts about Vista, California:

  • It has a population of approximately 100,000 people;
  • In the state legislature, the city is located in the 38th Senate District, and is represented by Republican Mark Wyland; in the 74th Assembly District, it is represented by Republican Martin Garrick.
  • In the 2008 Presidential election, John McCain won the 49th Congressional District, which includes Vista, by eight percentage points over Barack Obama.

Why are we listing these seemingly random figures? To prove that the area is a heavy Conservative stronghold, and yet...

An Awful Human Being

... the folks of the Vista Unified School District in San Diego have voted - overwhelmingly - NOT to give Carrie Prejean a day in her honor.

Donald Trump, aware that the wind could blow Carrie Prejean's top open at any moment, helps to avoid another wardrobe malfunction.

According to TMZ, the debate over whether or not to showcase Miss California - a Vista native - with "Carrie Prejean Day" lasted for 45 minutes, ending with just one person voting in favor of it.

Steve Lily, Vice President of the school board, said the district had never honored a former student and didn't wish to start with someone who "had breast implants, posed semi-nude" and whose goal was to be a Victoria's Secret model.

So, what do you have to say now, Christian Conservatives? Carrie's hometown, one that has a long history of voting Republican, wants nothing to do with her.


Now there's something you might consider honoring..... the last person in the state with an honest opinion of their own. The last person in La La Land to stand up in a public platform and reveal that they do have an individual opinion and moral conviction.
Ya'll can go back to sleep now.


The open-minded tolerant enlightened ones are so, until you disagree with them. Carrie Prejean had the guts to plant her feet and speak her mind. She was probably aware that her views would have been unpopular in that crowd, but she held her ground. We need more people, those willing to take heat for their beliefs rather than cave into politically correct expediency, in this world.


What's funny here is we have liberals up and down the coast whining about lies and hypocrisy when that's, for the most part, THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY!!!!!!!!!


Carrie got rewarded for LYING!!! She is NO role model and is a DISGRACE!! Trump usually makes right decisions, but NOT this time!! CARRIE IS A LIAR!!!!




Your absolutely right Heather. Any young lady that goes out in public wearing one of those famous California "G" string Bikinis doesn't deserve much honor. Besides, all that waxing sure must hurt.


Actually denying her that honor because she posed semi nude in some photos is a conservative view. I am Conservative and do want my daugthers to think thats okay. So Bravo!


""So moderate Republicans cant win? Is that your argument? Who, exactly, are you advocating they run in the future?
As a democrat, allow me to BEG you to answer with: 'Sarah Palin.'" The irony here is the only Rs that libs have been able to beat by a landslide are the Doles/McCains of the world, as for SP, careful what you wish for. Kinda like the unqualified bozo that ran around for two years talking the game, now he's stuck in "Um, this for real? I thought we was just playin, uhhhhhhhhhhh, HOPE, CHANGE............hello, where's my teleprompter?"


Geee. if it to 45 minutes to debate with only one person in favor, he/she must have been a great debater ???? Sure smells like some twisted facts.


"So, what do you have to say now, Christian Conservatives? Carrie's hometown, one that has a long history of voting Republican, wants nothing to do with her." Idiotic comparison. Not wanting to have a day to honor her is not same as not wanting nothing to do with her.

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BL!SSS Magazine Spread Carrie Prejean was a contestant in the Miss USA pageant in 2009. Representing California, she finished in the top five. However, she... More »
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