Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery: A Good Idea?

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How many Keeping Up with the Kardashians viewers are aware of Bruce Jenner's career as a Gold Medal-winning Olympian?

The stepfather to Kim, Khloe and Kourtney was an American hero in 1976, as he conquered all competitors (including those evil Russians!) at the 1976 Games.

Ella Nolan Plastic Surgery

Now, sadly, Jenner has become the butt of celebrity gossip jokes.

According to Kim Kardashian, Jenner will actually undergo plastic sugery on this week's episode of the family reality show. Because the show is taped months ahead of time, this act has likely already taken place.

Still, we're interested to hear from readers: Do you think this public act is a good idea for someone of Jenner's status?


oh Bruce ! its bad enough you married into white trash family,so for petes sake fix your face so theres some way we know its you, the all american hero you once were!


He needs to do something about that nose -- he looks like an old wizard. Oh -- he PAID to have his nose look like that???? Never mind.


Bruce, Bruce... What are you thinking dude! You are a mess! You should have left your face alone years ago.


He already looks like a joke, his hair and face almost look like a ladies face. I hope they do a better job with it, he looks like he has had his eyes done already. Give him some masculine features, a chin, or a square jaw, or something...please