Brooke Hogan Seeks Redemption, Photoshopping of the Year Award

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Look, Brooke Hogan, we're trying to be on your side. Especially when it comes to your immature, insane, self-absored mother.

But it's like you're asking to be insulted with the cover for your upcoming album, "Redemption."

If your goal was to differentiate yourself from your father's girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel, then we guess you succeeded. But, seriously, who thought this was a good idea?

Brooke Hogan Album Cover

Are you buying Brooke Hogan as a size zero angel? Neither are we.

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I think that one two before that...Ok.


tbh.. really can you say that too many times? i believe that you just did. and brooke hogan is a nice girl but shouldnt be in the music industry.
and no this looks like someone tried to copy her head on an airbrush painted tshirt..


OMG! WTF! I really love the cover it's different from the rest and tbh i think people dont hate the cover either, i think they hate to love it tbh! I really love it xxx


WTF? The face is so effed up; this looks like an airbrushed T-shirt bought at an amusement park!


Hahahaaa a bad tattoo!! It does though actually haaaha


Cheap, out of proportion...looks like a really bad tattoo. What is she thinking?