Britney Spears Leeches Want Trial By Jury

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The lawyer who tried to torpedo the conservatorship of Britney Spears' dad, and claims the singer herself enlisted him to do this, has just filed legal papers, contesting the restraining order issued against him and asking for a new trial.

Only this time, Jon Eardley, wants a jury to rule on the matter.

Eardley, along with Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, are now bound by restraining orders after the conservators convinced a judge they were harassing Britney and her family. None of them can contact the star in any way before April 2012.

But the attorney says a jury should have made that decision and wants a new trial. Jon Eardley failed in his previous attempt to get Britney on the stand, as a judge ruled she lacked the capacity to testify in the restraining order case.

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Does Britney Spears want to be free of her dad's rule?

Accounts of Britney's role in trying to oust the conservatorship vary. She has not said anything on the record, of course, as that would require her dad's approval, as would everything she does. But she is certainly on a tight leash.

Earlier this month, one of the singer's most popular fan sites,, also felt the wrath of the conservatorship after criticizing Jamie Spears.

Sam Lutfi, who is battling the conservatorship over this and other legal issues, has also stated he did nothing wrong and that Britney initiated contact.


She lacks the capacity to testify in court but she's well enough to embark on the biggest world tour of her career. There is some fishy stuff going on here. This conservatorship may have helped her get out of that bad time in her life but there's something else going on. I feel Mr. Spears is in it for the money. If Britney is able to do this tour she should be able to make her own decisions. Why hasn't Britney's mother stepped in at all?


If Britney really wants to be free from her dad,
then her mental condition is worse than anyone thought.
She almost died while under the control of Sam Lutfi.
Jamie helped save her career and her life.


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