Britney Spears Forgets Time of the Month

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Embattled music superstar Britney Spears appears to have gotten her $h!t together of late, at least in comparison to the Lost Years of 2005-2007.

Embarking on a successful worldwide Circus tour, staying out of the psych ward and taking the kids on vacation in the Bahamas - life's going well.

There are still glimmers of the crazy, however - and let's just this incident was the opposite of her famous concert wardrobe malfunction from April.

See where we're going with this? Read on ...

[Photo Credit: Fame Pictures]

The celebrity recently sat down for an Elle magazine shoot, a New York Post spy says, and it was a big mess. Literally. According to the report:

"They dressed her in all these beautiful couture clothes - and, well, let's just say she forgot what time of the month it was. It wasn't pretty."

That is so gross. Yet we are not entirely shocked.

If we knew, waking up this morning, that there would be a story going around about a star menstruating on clothes during a photo shoot, Britney Spears definitely would have been our first guess. We would also have called in sick.

On the flip side, at least she didn't let her dog defecate on the clothes, as she did at an OK! Magazine shoot last year. At least we assume not.

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I agree gimme me a break-probably a lie-and why would you print it?!! Give the girl SOME privay!


This is sad. The person who leaked this slanderous information should be fired!!! A menstrual cycle can be thrown off for several reasons including excessive exercise...You basically tell her she is fat and then bash her when she goes to excessive extremes to get in shape, possibly throwing off her body's cycle, if this loser isn't lieing, which I'm sure he is. Oh well, that is one less ICON on the cover of your magazone ELLE. Great business;)


This story probably isn't true, but even if it was .. why on earth would you print it?


Gimme a break.