Ashlee Simpson: Pregnant Again?

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Ashlee Simpson is pregnant with another baby, Star Magazine reports, adding that its source says the singer is "just a few weeks along" and is "beyond thrilled."

Still, Jessica Simpson's useless sibling is opting to keep the news private "for at least two more months" before sharing it with the celebrity gossip media.

The mag says Ashlee hopes that baby #2 will make her and Pete closer as his grinding with skanks hectic schedule has put a strain on their relationship.

A foolproof plan if ever there were one.

"... She loves Pete and wants to hang on to him. She believes this second baby will really clinch the deal," the celebrity gossip source reportedly writes.

If you believe what you read online, Ashlee Simpson is knocked up and excited about it. But unlike his wife, Pete Wentz is not yet ready to father a second child.

"He absolutely loves Ash and Bronx Mowgli," claims the tabloid when referring to how the Fall Out Boy bass player feels toward Ashlee and their baby boy.

"But he also loves his freedom. He thinks a second kid could change things for the worse. He doesn't want to be tied down and stuck at home all the time."

No official confirmation (or denial) has been made by Team Wentz concerning the report of her new pregnancy, or the couple's supposedly rocky marriage.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were longtime lovers before making it official in May 2008. They welcomed the arrival of son Bronx Mowgli in November.


Perfect work!


well if its true i really hope it works out for them! if not he can always go back to patrick...(joking)


Go back to Jeanae pete. atleast she didnt keep her legs open 24/7 popping out huge headed kids with jacked up noses.


I hope its false too! I agree with her! Seriously if LOVE will not keep you strong then little (cute) babies wont! and she should have known this was going to happen! Pete Wentz is a rockstar! He's going to be out alot! if she cant accept the fact that he is not going to be able to around his kids and her then she shouldnt have married him!!!


Well, if anyone is "psycho", n.wentz, it's you. Ashlee is Mrs Wentz,not you. Ashlee has the lead role in the new Melrose Place TV Show - I doubt she's pregnant again. She has also been on the road with him a LOT, which for some reason doesn't get reported. I have actual friends who work for limo companies, have driven Pete and Ashlee and say they seemed perfectly happy and polite. AND that Ashlee Wentz was drinking champagne. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Also? Devorce is not a word.


i hope its false. shes phyco. shes pretty much saying, "i think having another baby with you will keep us together forever and keep your hands off of those dirty skanky hoes out there. so lets get knocked up again and have more and more kids to keep our relationship strong!" oh, if you havnt noticed ashlee, but people who have more kids, end up devorcing eathother. just cos you love him now, doesn't mean it will be like that forever. if love cant keep you together, children won't.

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