Ashlee Simpson, Melrose Place Cast Set For Fall Debut

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If she acts half as well as she sings ... this show is gonna eat royal ass!

The zenith of uselessness up until now, Ashlee Simpson is ready to test her acting chops as a cast member in the upcoming remake of Melrose Place on the CW.

Pete n' Ash

Just kidding ... mostly. When your foremost TV moment was being booed after she couldn't even lip-synch effectively on SNL, there's nowhere to go but up.

In all seriousness, the show looks pretty good. Here is your first look at the cast of the new Melrose Place, scheduled to debut this fall on The CW network ...

MELROSE PLACE RELOADED: (left to right) Stephanie Jacobsen, Colin Egglesfield, Ashlee Simpson, Shaun Sipos, Katie Cassidy, Michael Rady, and Jessica Lucas.

We're going to assume, based on this photo and the general unreliability of the tabloid that reported it, that Pete Wentz did not get Ashlee Simpson pregnant again.

Then again, no word on when this was taken. There's also a chance it's photoshopped, and that Ashlee will be filmed neck-up all season, a la Kelly Rutherford.

We just hope Ash's character, Violet, will get a lot of really bad plastic surgery at some point in the first season. Then she won't even have to worry about trying to act!


Can someone tell my if she is givin up singin??? i mean i always like her music much better than jessica's so i still don't understand why is she now into this whole acting thing, i mean i really think she's gonna give up her singing carrear now, because it takes an extremely amount of time doing a tv show, and who know how many seasons the show will get, or is she just doing the first season and then going back to singin??? either way i really hope she doesn't stop doing music, i rather her as a singer than as an actress, who is she kidding??? i saw 7th heaven and this girl has a long way to go


Ashlee is terrific she's gonna be great in Melrose Place. Come on Ashlee just don't care about people say you amazing always was.


Ashlee was acting on 7th Heaven a long time before she was singing. She's terrific at both and will do a marvelous job.


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz was on 7th Heaven for a number of years as Simon's girlfriend. Ashlee is not trying out her acting chops as she was acting before she was singing.


GO ASHLEE!!! I think she's going to be amazing on the show :) I cant wait till this premiers! WOOOOO!!!!! Goodluckkk....

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