America's Next Top Model Winner: Teyona Anderson

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Danny Gokey's American Idol dreams may have died last night, but the modeling career of Teyona Anderson was born.

The 20-year old New Jersey native - who had to be pushed to audition for the show by friends - was crowned the 12th cycle winner of America's Next Top Model.

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After beating out Allison Harvard in the finals, an emotional Anderson said:

"I come from the little country streets of Woodstown, New Jersey, growing up in the cornfields, playing in the woods with boys, to being America's Next Top Model! I've wanted to do this so long, I just wanted to model…That's what I want to do, it's my passion…To win, and my hard work actually paid off…It's amazing...

"I'm so proud of myself, it's ridiculous…like, is this for real?!'"

It is, indeed. To prove it, Anderson will soon receive a six-page spread in Seventeen; a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics; and representation from Elite Model Management.

Think Anderson deserved the title over Harvard? Click on the following pics of Teyona for a closer look at the beauty:


i think allison won. when tyra choose teyona instead of aminat that was a cheat i think aminat and allison should have been the last two and it was allison who soppose to win i dont know wat kind of cheat tyra did there not because teyona is black and allison is white. i think thats why tyra choose teyona cause she is black and so is her but tyra is stupid and a jenny ass i dont care wat i call u but i think u should have choose allison instead of teyona cause allison did good in the run way show than teyona that was a cheat so all i have to say is FUCK YOU TYRA.and teyona congrats still and u n allison will be my two role modles for life love you guys xoxoxo


I think Allison seemed like the better choice. Fancast is actually hosting a live chat tomorrow with Teyona. Chat starts at 12:30pm EST.


I think Allison seemed like the better choice. Fancast is actually hosting a live chat tomorrow with Teyona. Chat starts at 12:30pm EST. Check it out-


was hoping allyson would win..but after reading where the winner is from thats even better..she is from the next town from me. wtg T


America's Next Top Model Winner? I Don't Think So Amena, who was ousted from the final two should have won the competition. She was recognized by her peers as having the best body. She is a killer on the catwalk. And out of the final three women she didn't make any flubs while shooting her commercial. Despite the other judges, Tyra clearly has the final say. She
is surrounded by her flunkies, Ms. J and the lackey with the blond hair, all to do her bidding. I think the greater competition is not ANTM, but Tyra and her mission to RULE her magic kingdom. And now Paulina is gone...

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Teyona Anderson has to be convinced to try out for the 12th season - sorry, 12th cycle - of America's Next Top Model by her friends. She... More »
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