America's Next Top Model Winner: Teyona Anderson

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Danny Gokey's American Idol dreams may have died last night, but the modeling career of Teyona Anderson was born.

The 20-year old New Jersey native - who had to be pushed to audition for the show by friends - was crowned the 12th cycle winner of America's Next Top Model.

America's Next Top Model Poster

After beating out Allison Harvard in the finals, an emotional Anderson said:

"I come from the little country streets of Woodstown, New Jersey, growing up in the cornfields, playing in the woods with boys, to being America's Next Top Model! I've wanted to do this so long, I just wanted to model…That's what I want to do, it's my passion…To win, and my hard work actually paid off…It's amazing...

"I'm so proud of myself, it's ridiculous…like, is this for real?!'"

It is, indeed. To prove it, Anderson will soon receive a six-page spread in Seventeen; a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics; and representation from Elite Model Management.

Think Anderson deserved the title over Harvard? Click on the following pics of Teyona for a closer look at the beauty:

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Teyona is sweet. Am glad I was able to c dis even though dis is late dat is I watch it after years am glad I love, my hubby love. She is gud very gud she remind me of myself. Sweet Teyona


Teyona is so pretty and im glad she won allison's eyes are to big


i think it's a foregone conclusion. teyona's clearly tyra's favorite since the beginning. allison should have won. i don't like teyona. i don't think she's model beautiful. and when she smiles, ugggh! she's not gonna make it in the modeling industry.


I think it is a little raciest sometimes cause all of the winners have been black.... i think allison was much much prettier... they said everything was great about her but people lie... so almost every year a black person wins... isn't that weird... yah a little no offince


I love to be a model like
you Teyona!! I love you so much.
Teyona your are beautiful


allison should of won /:


i think this show is fixed


OMG, Allison should have won by a landslide! Teyona will never actually work in true high fashion, she doesn't have the right personality or any sense of culture and worldliness. Allison is intersting, editorial and well-articulated. This season was a joke. I hate when Tyra picks the black girls just because they're black.


Tayona was bad...I don`t think shes a good model.. I LIKED ALLISO.., she was really beautiful, and she took beautiful pictures !! Go hom Teyona, and let Allison take care of the buisiness !! :)


Why are white people racist.besides on that panel are white jugdes. they gave their opinion as well, Tyra didn't say much. This people are good and they like what they saw in Teyona. They have being doing this for a long time. so who ever is condemning Tyra should please keep shut and try supporting Teyona as a winner.Those of you commenting about Trya should go and open your shows and let's see how good you will perform in judging.

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