American Idol Says Goodbye to Danny Gokey

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He had a great voice, a great (albeit tragic) personal story and a great run on American Idol.

But Danny Gokey did not have what it takes to make the finals, as the singer was eliminated last night after solid, but unspectacular, renditions on Monday's performance show.

Ryan Seacrest caused our hearts to stop for a few moments last night, as he initially announced that Kris Allen had made it through to next week's finale.

That left Danny and Adam Lambert in the bottom two, as a nation feared the latter might actually not take his rightful place among the show's winner.

In the end, though, Ryan announced that over 88 million people voted, Lambert was safe and Danny was going home.

"This whole experience feels like a dream come true.  American Idol has given me a whole new hope for my life," said Gokey during a video montage of his journey, reflecting on how far he's come since his wife passed away last July. "It's almost like a fairy tale story.  You read about tragedies, and then you read about the triumph that comes through it - and I'm that person."

Did America make the right choice? Did Gokey deserve to go home?

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I liked Danny Gokey. He not only has talent, but he is a wonderful role model. He is respectful, and moral. We have not heard the last from him yet. Kris Allen is very good, but not to Danny's level of a superb voice. Adam Lambert does not appeal to people who do not like Hard Rock, or all that screaming instead of singing.
And I hated some of this year's performers. Last night's last performer needed to go put some clothes on. She was disgusting with the cheeks of her butt hanging out and her breasts too. And I am sick of Simon and Paula fighting. What examples are they setting for our youth, certainly not respect and modesty. I think it is time for American Idol to be over with.


Danny had the best voice of them all, he just didn't have the stage presence, apparently, for the judges to be absolutely wowed. They always praised his vocals as brilliant, outstanding, hot, sexy, whatever...but then they always cut on him for something lame like his dancing. It's not freaking dancing with the stars, but...Simon and his ilk have been so obviously favoring Adam for the last 8 weeks or so...they got their way. I think Danny will get the last laugh, though, cuz he's so marketable and Adam??? I mean, really, how many ppl are going to buy a screaming 80s rock album? Been there, done that.


NO! He was the best and most consistent performer from the auditions to the end. Adam is theatrical and flamboyant and will not make it as a recording artist; he is obviously an "actor" first! And I agree with those who said they are tired of his screaming.


check this out then xx


I think there was unfair stuff on this years show. One Adam's name on the cape and he knew it was there thats why he wanted her to perform. He Danny got a bad song choice by Paula. He had never been in the bottom three and then got voted off. What is American Idol coming to some of the performers were bad. For Gods sack they need clothes on you are suppose to put a respectable image out there i didn't see that this year. How about doing something for our country. Danny got ripped off and i feel it was set up for Adam all year to win. Danny did not get a fair shake. You watch it will be all over the media that Adam is openly gay. I don't care about this show anymore this turned me against it. I'M DONE


I dont get the obsession with Adam either. He sounds like a girl SCREAMING all the time... and his tounge does funny things when he is going it... Gross!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kris... Hope he beats the black nail polish off Adam next week!!!!!!


I don't get the obsession with Adam- he freaking can't sing to save his life- he just screams and screaches. Horrible. That show is so over the hill.

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