American Idol Says Goodbye to Danny Gokey

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He had a great voice, a great (albeit tragic) personal story and a great run on American Idol.

But Danny Gokey did not have what it takes to make the finals, as the singer was eliminated last night after solid, but unspectacular, renditions on Monday's performance show.

Ryan Seacrest caused our hearts to stop for a few moments last night, as he initially announced that Kris Allen had made it through to next week's finale.

That left Danny and Adam Lambert in the bottom two, as a nation feared the latter might actually not take his rightful place among the show's winner.

In the end, though, Ryan announced that over 88 million people voted, Lambert was safe and Danny was going home.

"This whole experience feels like a dream come true.  American Idol has given me a whole new hope for my life," said Gokey during a video montage of his journey, reflecting on how far he's come since his wife passed away last July. "It's almost like a fairy tale story.  You read about tragedies, and then you read about the triumph that comes through it - and I'm that person."

Did America make the right choice? Did Gokey deserve to go home?

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Danny had me at Hello, since he performed a heck of I heard it through the grapevine. He was obviously this year's Tamaray, Chris, Jennifer Hudson etc. Sacrificed to a bloated caricature of Axl Rose, which, for some inscrutable reason, Simon decided was the Anointed (last pimpage spot secured, interviews with Oprah, undeserved smothering praise), and to a mediocre singer like Kris - there are hundreds like him playing in clubs and bars all over the world.
I'm finally done with the show too. Kara is an insufferable, useless bitch who made the show intolerable, and, as for Simon, I would have never thought that the pimpage of Carrie Underwood would be surpassed in the future. The Nerve.


Absolutely will vote for Kris... Adam is a one-trick lizard. He screams every song. He NEVER moves me emotionally as a singer/performer. Adam is a gimmick. His voice is forgettable if you strip it of the ear-piercing scream and high notes. Tonally it lacks warmth, whereas Danny Gokey's voice is rich and mellifluous... and he is ALWAYS in tune. This was a fiasco, plain and simple. Danny should've won this season. For those of you who are surprised by the corruption of the show... uh, DUH! Every year the winner is chosen by the producers and judges, and we are manipulated throughout the season toward the finale.


Ok all Gokey fans vote for Kris to win!!!! Adam would be out!!!


I don't think "voting" had anything to do with it. The JUDGES wanted Adam to win and so the JUDGES eliminated the only real competition standing in Adam's way via concerted sabotage. AI has lost any shred of credibility it may have had, as far as I'm concerned. I won't watch it anymore. I can't wait for Danny's CD to drop though; I'll be the first in line to purchase it. I wish all the best for Danny - he is an amazing talent who, I'm sure, will go far.


Danny didn't deserve to go. He was the most talented and versatile contestant. He didn't have to do the same scream in every song. I would have voted for Adam next week if I hadn't had the misfortune of reading all of the nasty anti-Gokey comments from some his "caring and commpassionate" fan base. Danny would have given Adam a run for his money so they wanted him gone. Chris is now guaranteed to win the competition. Danny's fans won't vote for Adam. Too bad for Adam, he's very talented.


I'm 49 years old - musical background and know that the voice & stage presence is what american idol is all about.
To sit on stage behind a piano or guitar - just about anyone
can do that. What Adam does with his voice, range & stage appearance is amazing. I will purchase any CD he puts out
and totally enjoy it. It will be my swimming pool music. He is fantastic.


I couldn't believe Danny was sent home over Chris. Danny is far much better than BOTH of the guys that are left. I will not be watching the finale or American Idol again. WE LOVE YOU DANNY AND HOPE YOU GO FAR IN YOUR CAREER!!


It was such a downer that Danny was voted off last night. I don't even want to watch the ending. Adam is very good but not the best. Kris has a voice but not as good as Danny's. I can't wait to buy Danny's first album.


Anybodie ever hear of Blood Sweat & Tears. Danny Gokey is the next David Calyton Thomas, I hope he gets a chance. Chris is an Ok singer, but puh leeze. Danny, I'd like to hear you sing some of my stuff. I might actually do the album I've been threatening to do for the last 10 years.


Simon Cowell stated on the Oprah show just a few days ago that Adam deserved to win. IMO he should not have done that. That may have swayed opinions. I also agree with the above posts. Who will buy what Adam is selling? Tell me how he is going to be marketed? While I have been a Danny fan since day one, I have always stated that Kris Allen has the most commercial appeal. The final 2 should have been Danny & Kris, but I guess the rest of America didn’t agree. Go out and make your own CD with your own style Danny, winning AI is the kiss of death to a career anyway.

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