American Idol Controversy: Did AT&T Contribute to Kris Allen Victory?

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We mean no disrespect to Kris Allen or his supporters, but might the reigning American Idol champion have unfairly earned his crown?

According to a report in The New York Times, one of the show's biggest sponsors may have played a vital role in Allen's victory.

AT&T, by its own admission, provided phones for free text-messaging services at parties organized by fans of the Arkansas native.

At a pair of gatherings in Allen's honor - held during, and immediately following, last week's Tuesday night performance show - representatives of AT&T (whose network is the only one that can be used to cast American Idol votes via text message) passed around free phones.

No such efforts were made on behalf of Adam Lambert.

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No one doubts Kris Allen's talent. But questions are being raised about the fairness of his American Idol victory.

Moreover, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette states that AT&T employees actually instructed Allen fans on how to send 10 or more text messages at the press of a single button.

In a statement issued yesterday, a spokesman for AT&T didn't deny these accusations:

“In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested."

Interestingly, Fox has refused to release the voting percentages or figures from this season.

Why would AT&T possibly favor Allen over Lambert? Might the company prefer a clean-cut, uncontroversial champion of a show it sponsors? We don't know.

But this rumor won't quiet critics that believe Lambert lost due to his sexual orientation.


All I have to say is Build a freakin bridge and get over it!!! Conway Ar. is a somewhat small town that has three colleges!!! One of which Kris Allen attended!! So all his friends from college and their family's and all the town folk of Conway and all the rest of arkansas voted for Kris!! I am from Conway and am really proud that Kris won, but had he not, I would still be proud!!! Either way they are both going to get record deals only Adam will get full freedom to cut any type of album with whatever kind of music he chooses!!! So i think Adam really won out of the two since he will have full freedom with his albums!!! So please just get over it!!! Adam will be a huge star, because he IS talented as well as Kris!!! Noone needs an American Idol title to make it big in the music industry, heck you don't even have to win to get a record deal now a days you just have to be a contestant!!!! Adam didn't lose anything just a stupid title!!!!!!




Personally, being a wife of a rock and roll drummer... Adam kicked major butt. There are lots of people who do not understand rock and roll (so sorry for your loss). But the reality is this... Kris and Adam are still great friends... Adam will go far, look at Daughtry... so no worries... the talk in my world is Queen..... they need a new lead.... never know... Have a great one... keep the sexual orientation out of it... know one cares..... How many people cared that the lead singer of Queen was gay or not... and how many concerts did they sell out.... really now... it is about the music not who you sleep with.....


I forgot to mention that I am in love with him!! Too bad he isn't in the closet like Adam.


Kris deserves it! He is my idol. It's not his fault, Lambert's fans aren't as smart as his!!


This is a little ridiculous. I want to bring to your attention on the night of voting that I was trying to call in to vote for Kris and could only get through like one time the whole night. I had a friend that was voting for Adam and she got through 7 times! That goes to show you that his line was not full all the time. It had nothing to do with those text messages. So get over it he lost. If Adam won you guys wouldn't be saying anything!


will u people just leave the poor guy alone.he deserved to win although adam was gud too.


You people really need to get over the fact that Adam lost!! I mean seriously, Kris deserved to win, so why can't you just let him enjoy it already??? I highly doubt Adam lost because of whether or not he might be gay, there are plenty of popular gay musicians out there, so stop using that as an excuse, because it's a really stupid one. Didn't you ever think that maybe Kris just appeals to a larger audience because he is a clean cut, humble, down to earth person?? I personally voted for Kris, mainly because I'd rather listen to him sing than someone who screams during the whole song. Besides, the show is called "AMERICAN IDOL," which means the winner should be a nice, wholesome, true American person, which is how you can describe both Kris and David Cook!!!!! So, get over yourselves, get over Adam, accept that he lost & stop finding these stupid reasons to say that Kris won unfairly, because it is not true!!!!

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