American Idol Controversy: Did AT&T Contribute to Kris Allen Victory?

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We mean no disrespect to Kris Allen or his supporters, but might the reigning American Idol champion have unfairly earned his crown?

According to a report in The New York Times, one of the show's biggest sponsors may have played a vital role in Allen's victory.

AT&T, by its own admission, provided phones for free text-messaging services at parties organized by fans of the Arkansas native.

At a pair of gatherings in Allen's honor - held during, and immediately following, last week's Tuesday night performance show - representatives of AT&T (whose network is the only one that can be used to cast American Idol votes via text message) passed around free phones.

No such efforts were made on behalf of Adam Lambert.

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No one doubts Kris Allen's talent. But questions are being raised about the fairness of his American Idol victory.

Moreover, The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette states that AT&T employees actually instructed Allen fans on how to send 10 or more text messages at the press of a single button.

In a statement issued yesterday, a spokesman for AT&T didn't deny these accusations:

“In Arkansas, we were invited to attend the local watch parties organized by the community. A few local employees brought a small number of demo phones with them and provided texting tutorials to those who were interested."

Interestingly, Fox has refused to release the voting percentages or figures from this season.

Why would AT&T possibly favor Allen over Lambert? Might the company prefer a clean-cut, uncontroversial champion of a show it sponsors? We don't know.

But this rumor won't quiet critics that believe Lambert lost due to his sexual orientation.


I was so tired of the Adam screaming his songs by the end of the season, that I did not want him to win. I liked Danny and Kris, and once Danny was voted off, the only one left for me to vote for was Kris. Also from everyone that I talked to about this wanted either Danny or Kris to win. Adam was too made up, and not real. It seemed to me that American Idol was just another acting job for him. The real Adam never seemed to come out. I did like his occasional "not screaming" songs, but they were few and far between.


Adam Lambert is clearly the natural born entertainer and Chris was mediocre at best. The show was rigged and adam was robbed of the title. Shame on you AT&T. You need your ass kickedfor pulling that crap.


even adam said let it go, that they are both going to sell millions and make millions!!! So just let it go!!


I believe there was some sort of vote fraud out there. It is evident that Adam is unbeatable in season 8. He really has the talent. Just have a look at how he rearranged all the songs in the show.
Kris is good but not good enough to be top 1. My opinion, even Danny & Allison are better than him. He is very lucky to be crowned as the winner - socalled winner.
Anyway, the game just starts from here. Let's see who will become a real star in future and who will sell more records. Bet it won't be the cute (what a funny description everyone uses) Kris because cute doesn't mean anything. It's the power and skill that make a difference.


Stay on the BIG picture people. Kris received the votes from Danny Gokey the previous week and therefore won. Both Kris and Danny are heavily influenced by Christian music and supported by their populous. Adam, may or may not be so influenced. It may not be as obvious because in the forefront "he knows who he is" (being gay, which it seems Christians have a problem with). Unfortunately, events like this will continue (ie PROP 8) until people become more accepting of EVERYONE. Sad, but true.


oh and robdell like AT&T is going to go under because ONE person will never get an AT&T phone now!!! BOO FREAKIN HOO!!!!!!!!!


Ok you know what I've tried to be nice and all but I'm starting to see the bottom line!!!! You Adam fans are just ticked off because you did not do enough for adam to win!! Apparently you did not vote enough!!! Bottom line!! Why is it that in all the 8 years AI has been on the air this is the first time anyone if throwing a freakin fit? What about the lady that was kicked off because of nude photos? Did she go all freakin crazy over it? No she moved on!! I have not heard one thing that said ADAM is all upset about Kris winning!! If he is cool with it and can GET OVER IT SO CAN YOU PEOPLE!! Good Lord suck it up and just realize ADam did not have the following Kris did!! Adam is an awesome person!! But Kris just appealed to the majority of the USA!!!! GET THE HECK OVER IT!!!!! AT&T WILL GET WHAT THEY DESERVE IF FOUND THEY DID WRONG!!! I HOPE THEY DO IF THEY SOMETHING WRONG!!!


I will never ever get an A T & T phone now. By the way Kris may have been or is a good singer but Adam Lambert was and is by far the best.


No. We wont get over it and we wont keep quiet. They messed with the singer with the most loyal fans and now people are wondering why we just can't let it go? Because we love Adam. Because vote fraud is wrong. Why should we let it go? Because Kris Allen is kind of cute and wouldn't it just tarnish his title? That win is tarnished by AT&T now and covering up wont help anything.


How in the world did ANYONE beat Adam??? I am a 57 year old female and I can tell the difference between the two voices. NO competition. Adam was truely amazing. AT&T needs to be investigated over this incident. No matter who won. Chris was good but not even in top two.

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