Alleged Nude Rihanna Photos Surface Online

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Okay. So a batch of nude photos of Rihanna, or what is supposedly Rihanna, have started floating around the Internets as of late Friday afternoon.

Here's the deal:

  • There are seven pictures in all, hosted by We do not recommend you actually go there unless you want about 27 viruses.
  • All seven shots appear to be self-taken in the same area.
  • The alleged Rihanna pics show various body parts, including two close ups of what is clearly Rihanna's face and a third Rihanna photo showing her from head to knee, reflected in a bathroom mirror with "I love you" scrawled on it.
  • The four shots that do not include Rihanna's head in them include two of a bare bottom in a mirror, which could belong to almost any human being.
  • One depicts a hand with black nail polish clasping bare cheek.
  • The last shows Rihanna nude (supposedly) and taking a photo of herself with one pierced breast exposed and a pink towel over her shoulder.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, RiRi's label, Island Def Jam, sent a letter to at least one site demanding the photos be removed, calling them a violation of "the Artist's rights." It does not deny (or confirm) if the pics are really Rihanna.

We'll have more for you on this story as it develops, but right now, the evidence that these are actually Rihanna nude pics remains kind of weak.

Follow the jump to see the pics - viewer discretion advised:

Rihanna Nude Pic?
Masked Rihanna
Odd Rihanna Pic
Rihanna's Rear End?
Rihanna Bathroom Pic
Naked Rihanna Pic?
Rihanna Naked Pic?

its totlly her she has the same tatoos between her fingers as rianna!


It's her! See the tattoo between her fingers.


rihanna is a whore i used 2 like her, gone back to cb


I smell Chris Brown all over this. Clearly he is hitting back again!


Coincidence or not, those white towels behind the naked body and pink towel are embellished with an R. Obviously there are many people who have R as a first initial. But who would go through the trouble of near same body, and same initialed towels? I wouldn't be surprised if those photos were for scumbag Chris Brown. He may not have leaked them, but we know he's associated with Rihanna, and "I love you, I miss you [Robyn]" Could have been written for Chris Brown or by him.


hmm, what a coincidence that the naked pics don't show her face


Rihanna is a well respected artist.
Give her a break people, shittt It's not like she's the first celebrity with naked photos, and she's definitely not going to be the last.


Brad Pitt, Madonna, Vanessa Wililams etc and many “respectable� celebs (and not just Paris & Kim K.) have had thriving careers even though the world saw their goodies. Rihanna is not the first and will not be the last. It’s just unfortunate that her privacy has been invaded AGAIN. Geez. Madonna was just like “So?� when her pics came out. Rihanna should just brush it off and keep it movin’. There’s not much else she can do but learn from it and protect herself in the future. Ya just can’t trust mofos and that is that. The TMZ photo was more damaging imo. But I also think that if these photos had come out without the beating and the TMZ photo, it would be more “shocking� ya know? A real jolt to her image. Right now her image has already taken on a darker more complex tone, and this just adds to it. It is what it is….


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