Adam Lambert Pictures: Flashes of Flamboyance

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Adam Lambert is poised to win American Idol.

Aside from his incredible talent, Lambert has garnered an ever-growing fan base due unabashed charisma and comfort in his own skin.

Is Lambert gay? Almost definitely. Why does anyone care? We have no idea.

As the photos below depict, the singer has always been unafraid to flash his flamboyant side on stage. Click on the following pics of Lambert, pre Idol...

Should Lambert be crowned the next American Idol? Not everyone thinks so.

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Great vocal and theatrical talant, rare talant. Beautiful appearance. Talant withour boundaries. Thank you, Adam, my very best wishes to you.


Regardless of the Idol outcome - Adam will become a mega Star -
there's no stopping him now - he's just too damn good and we can't get enough of him - he brings a uniqueness to the stage - when he hits his top register he elicits or awakens some primordial connection deep inside us - a cry - which is something we can all do - but only one person can sing that way and it's Adam. He brings tears to our eyes - tears of joy - we feel the connection with him - that's the power of ADAM - and I'm still trying to work out why he effects me so much!


Once again, another blatant attempt at manipulating the outcome of Idol into yet another cookie-cutter end-product.
I want something different, I want something fresh, and I want it NOW!!! Bring on Adam Lambert!!!


Oh my god!!!!!! Does he, Adam, have it all, or what!
Can't get enough of him. No doubt, the best AI has had from their beginning.
I can not imagine anyone else being "The American Idol!"
The bad news is this week ends being able to SEE & HEAR Adam every Tuesday.


I dont like heterosexual guys wearing sleaveless shirts, shouting and girls and flexing there muscles being overly masculine to let everyone know they are definitly into chicks....and i dont like overly flamboyent gay men, prancing around making sure everyone knows how they like it...this is disgusting


Wouldn't it be wonderful if Adam would come stomping out onstage tomorrow in his Zodiac Show clothes? Simon would have a heart attack, and so would I. Adam FTW!


omg, these are fantastic pics. He is sex on fire, even to the ladies. I can only wish he would break out the spandex for the finale, but it likely won't be a smart choice. We can only look forward to Adam's letting it all hang out in the future...


Why do you think THIS season has been soo much fun, why THIS season has become soo popular and entertaining,and why THIS season has gotten more reveiws and the record breaking number of votes??? It's all because of ADAM LAMBERT!!! HE is the reason this show has more veiwers this year, HE is the only reason some people watch the show, and HE is the most unique contestant we have ever had on Amercan Idol!!! If you can't accept th fact that HE is vocally the BEST, then you dont know talent! Im A Glambert 4 Adam Lambert, Adam FTW!!!


Adam Lambert is the biggest new star for the 21st Century....millions of entertainers have been gay, and one-half of all movie stars, producers, and television executives are gay....WHO CARES? I am a middle aged white woman married to an engineer, and we love Adam Lambert's looks, style, and voice, he is the ultimate entertainer, the rest are like watching paint dry on the wall. I could care less that he might be gay. HE'S THE MOST AMAZING PERFORMER SINCE ELVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!