Adam Lambert Lashes Out at Clay Aiken

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It is so on.

While Adam Lambert and his American Idol rival Kris Allen might be close pals, the same can't be said for this season's runner-up and Clay Aiken.

Days after Aiken bashed Lambert's rendition of "Ring of Fire" (and then quasi-apologized for his remarks), the flamboyant finalist has fired back.

"I don't know Clay," Adam told Access Hollywood this week. "I'm glad he's getting headlines now though, because he wasn't before."

Snaps. Yo.

Lambert wasn't done. He added:

"If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him."

Adam Lambert, Cryin

Choose a side in this feud:


I am really glad that Adam had his say on Clay and essentially blew it all off. Clay was arrogant and stupid to make a public judgement about Adam after one song. But Clay has had his time. His last Album didn't exactly burn up the music charts. I never even heard one single on the radio. He has lost the graciousness he had on the show.


Adam I really want to say "keep on being yourself"Be true to yourself and your fans will never ever stop loving you..


Heaps of people said stuff about Michael Jackson but he never lost any fans. Adam you go for it. Clay you go for it too. What could put an end to this is to do your thing. And do it best. Good Luck


I dont clay but I know that its easy to appologise later as long as your point is bought across, Adam at least is speaking from the heart, I mean everyone is human now just bcoz clay apologised makes his world better. Just leave Adam alone, I would say people would be blind if they cant see God has clearly gifted Adam with a very important gift so instead of pulling him down , help him make the most of what God initially gave him. Clay apology excepted but next time think b4 saying something.. especially you people who r under the spot light God bless


As a big fan of Clay's AND Adam's I was hugely disappointed in Clay. But am even more disappointed in Adam. That's catty. He should have taken the high road.


Adam just lost me as a fan. Bad enough being so new and slamming someone who has at least had a pretty good career like Aiken, but dude even thinks he is good enough to diss Gene mother Fn Simmons!!! Calm down Adam, the media loves to build you up just to tear you down. It will do you well to remember that.


Clay didn't say it "TO" Adam, for crying out loud. Can you people not even read? This was a PRIVATE Q&A with his fans, not meant for public consumption. Clay's psycho stalker who everyone gives a pass (even the E!channel) bragged that he stole the blog & sent it to the gossip sites. Clay was NOT expecting anyone to see this except the fans he was having a terrific conversation with about all sorts of things. It wasn't meant to hurt Adam. Adam's comments, however, were obviously MEANT to be hurtful, on public airwaves. That is the difference you Glamberts can't understand.


Whatever Adam said to Clay, Clay had it coming. His comments were truly tasteless and show a deep lack of respect for other performers. Not to mention what a low class creep he is. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even a creep like Clay. But why would he say something so blatantly hurtful to someone who appears to be a very nice and classy guy? Clay's a bitter old queen whose career has taken a nose dive. If he can't take it, then he needs to stop dishing it out!


"So what?" would have been "No comment" or "It's Clay's opinion, fair enough" or "I don't expect everyone to like me". What Adam said on both radio & TV was "Clay's desperate for attention because he has no career." Pretty much parrotting what his childish fans have been saying for the past week. They've also been going on & on about what an angel Adam is & he would never put anyone down for any reason. Guess they don't know him like they thought they did. He can be as catty & mean & arrogant as anyone.


Please. What Clay Aiken did was LASHING. This from Adam Lambert was more like a "So what?"

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