Adam Lambert Lashes Out at Clay Aiken

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It is so on.

While Adam Lambert and his American Idol rival Kris Allen might be close pals, the same can't be said for this season's runner-up and Clay Aiken.

Days after Aiken bashed Lambert's rendition of "Ring of Fire" (and then quasi-apologized for his remarks), the flamboyant finalist has fired back.

"I don't know Clay," Adam told Access Hollywood this week. "I'm glad he's getting headlines now though, because he wasn't before."

Snaps. Yo.

Lambert wasn't done. He added:

"If he wants to ride my coattails about it, good for him."

Adam Lambert, Cryin

Choose a side in this feud:


You Clay fans re-read the reply Adam gave. He is saying whatever. He is not giving much cred to this or Clay. Everyone has an opinion. Mine is Clay wasn't smart to just give a quick listen and then post his impression of two of the top American Idols this year. He came off looking like an ass. Read the blogs Clay is loosing fans. Adam came out just fine. And if you think what Adam said was a slam you haven't heard a slam. Adam was really nice and that shows huge character.


No I think I can say I won't buy anything more of Clay. Just like I won't buy anything more of Branden Rogers another previous American Idol who showed his obvious disdain for Adam on Idol Wrap. My wife and I were watching and in front of millions of tv watchers Branden made gay slanted jokes at Adam's expense. I don't tolerate that type of behavior. I do not want our children to see bigotry or discrimination against anyone. We won't allow it, equality means equality. We will still listen to Clay on the radio but we won't go out of our way to purchase music from him. His future actions will determine what opinions will remain about him. As for Adam I am glad he stuck up for himself. I also think he handled that extremely well. It would have been easy to have attacked Clay back but instead his comment on, I don't know him was priceless. And yes, anyone riding on anyone else's coattails for publicity is doing just that.


Clay looses, Adam wins. Clay was just being a jerk and Adam was really smart and tactful with his reply. I'm not longer a Clay Aiken fan. Someone that mean to other up and comings is not a mentor for me. I want someone I can look up to and would want to be a friend, role model, next door neighbor. That is Adam Lambert.


Looked like Clay was have a blonde moment because when an Idol "attacks" two other Idols that is not just poor form, it is asking for trouble. Adam and Kris both came out smelling like roses on this and Clay lost me as a fan. I like that Adam who was pointedly asked to comment on it did not spend much time on it. He said the above and then moved on. Folks are trying to make it into a slam but it wasn't it wasn't given that much emphasize in his diction. But, it makes his comments even stronger as it was like, I don't know him next question. A lot of other celebrities would have been harsher and taken it to the next level. Adam did not.


adam is so sexy he rocks i love the song ring of fire i love every song he ever sang adamrocks4ever xoxxooxoxoxooxx adam 4ever


We love you Adam!!!!!! LOL
I thought what you said was perfect.....
It was a so what....and done with class. lol
xoxoxo MercuryMagicSeal Oh and Fuck you Clay


Everyone needs to keep in mind who started this all (CLAY)! I am a fan of both Adam and Clay but now that Adam has responded, everyone is saying that Adam showed no Class? Are you kidding me??? Adam was attacked first, he only did what most humans would do...he attacked back, and to be honest, Clay's remarks were worst. Yes, it's easy to say that Adam should have responded with "Class", but not so easy to do when you are the one being attacked. And for all of you that say "Adam, you just lost a fan" or "Clay, you just lost a fan", you are being so childish...I mean, both guys show a little of their human side and now because they are not the saints that you thought they were, they have now lost you as a fan???? All I can say is that you could have not been much of a fan to begin with and you need to take some of your on advise on showing a little bit of "CLASS".


If people can't see the difference between what Clay said (and how he said it) and what and how Adam said... let me simplify... Clay
1. Speaking of one song, not personal
2. Clarified that it was his opinion based on limited viewing
3. Said it on private message board
4. Said it once and even apologized Adam
1. Speaking of a career and motives. Speaks to personal character.
2. Never clarified that it was just his opinion, but stated as fact in cocky manner
3. Said it publically
4. Said it twice so far and seems to be getting more condescending with each mention I say Adam has way to big an ego.


Exactly where did Adam get those coattails that he seems to think he has? I don't recall him having any success outside of being in the ensemble of Wicked - and it wasn't even on Broadway. And critisizing Gene Simmons too? The dude is a legend. Does Adam's head still fit through normal doorways or are they bringing him in through the loading dock to do interviews?


Adam is it, Clay is so not it.

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