Adam Lambert and Kris Allen on NBC's The Today Show

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American Idol’s Kris Allen and Adam Lambert stopped in on the Today Show yesterday in New York City to answer a few questions, and more importantly, perform a few songs.

Allen went with his instantly classic “Heartless," along with “No Boundaries," while Lambert sang “Mad World.”

Big Plans for Allen and Lambert

Both contestants laughingly denied the rumors that there was an AT&T texting scandal, and made it clear that they have remained good friends throughout the competition.

Lambert summed it up when he said: “We’re such different artists that there is really no way to directly compete. It was really more of a competition with yourself... I’m really happy Kris won. He’s super talented and he deserves it.”

Lambert also announced that he would not be joining Queen any time soon, but would love to sing with the band again.

Like usual, their performances were great and the crowd loved every second of it.  Both artists mentioned they'll be on tour all summer, while also working on their own albums. We look forward to hearing them.

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Ladies Love Lambert
Allen Singing
Kris and Adam's Bromance
Lambert at The Today Show

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Those cheating for Allen, based on opposition to a perceived life style rather than rewarding exceptional talent, did him no favors. Deep down, Allen knows he did not win honestly & he will have to live with this the rest of his life. He will always be competing with Lambert - the truly talented artist. Hope he's up to the competition.


I can't believe how some people are so focused on the AT&T thing. FOX, 19E and Freemantle have already issued a statement saying that Kris is definitely the American Idol and mass voting is not possible through their third-party monitoring procedure. Even Adam rolled his eyes when he read about this. Anyway, I don't think Kris cares about this. This could even mean more support from those who can't stand people who are always trying to put a good man down. He has survived the whole Season of American Idol 8, he can survive these lies. Saying that the whole of Arkansas will vote for Kris because it's a small state and they want to be famous, etc. is also a form of discrimination against them. Majority of the people of Arkansas have better things to do than vote all night for their AI contestant. I'm not from Arkansas but I love the way Kris Allen sings and his interpretation of songs. He's not an awesome performer but his music is great, I will buy his CD.


Wish Adam would perform a different song, while Mad World is stunning, it does not give him a chance to "perform". I would much rather he did one of his other songs. Although then he would show Kris up too much, as Kris cannot really entertain or perform.


The idea that AT&T and FOX would help Kris Allen win American Idol 2009 destroyed the beauty of the show, and will forever dampen this young man's title. It doesn't take a genius figure out that 2.4 million people could cast 30 million votes in a matter of 4 hours. But AT&T made it happen through the provision of free cell phones and free intruction to the people of Arkansas on speed texting in bundles. According to the New York Times, a single individual was capable of casting 4500 votes in a matter of 4 hours. I stopped doing business with AT&T because I can't trust the company, plain and simple.


Someone needs to give Lambert a box of Cleansing facial wipes......and tell him to stop it already!! follow me on twitter HatePerezHilton

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