Tyler Perry Stalker Alleges Devil Worship, Threatens Murder

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At least the Britney Spears stalker seemed harmless enough, albeit moronic. Tyler Perry's version appears to be straight up crazy and possibly homocidal.

According to a restraining order obtained against the woman accused of stalking the unfunny comedian, Perry is apparently a prime candidate for murder.

Dawne Wilson was arrested for aggravated stalking outside Perry's production studios in Atlanta ... a place she's paid unwanted visits many times before.

The restraining order claims in March 2008, Dawne Wilson began contacting Tyler Perry by computer and making threats "in a menacing manner."

He feared "apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury."

Dawne Wilson Mug Shot
Tyler Perry Pic

According to court documents, in April, 2008, Wilson sent another e-mail saying "You need to check your heart condition because it is filled with murder... your love has been but costly and deadly.... Murder I say is the verdict."

Dawne Wilson rambled on, "Why do you insist on assisting the devil?"

This crazy chick was taken into custody after showing up at Perry's recording studio last Wednesday, in blatant violation of the restraining order.

She thus enters our insane stalker and celebrity mug shot Halls of Fame.


She wasn't crazy, I kno her and her kids. She wouldn't do that unless she thought something was up.


lmao.. dhats the funniest shit i ever heard... but the bitch do look crazy


ummmm Miss JoJo what if that were you being stalked by that crazy lady? that woman has serious problems and i totally agree with mratl you must be related to her.... who would try to sit and talk to a crazy person that wanted to kill them! and hollywood has not changed tyler perry baby cuz he said himself that he wasn't going to let hollywood change him.... you must not know tyler perry baby and you are not a fan as i can see.....


You sound about as crazy as she does.. if what she said was not a death treat...what is ,you two must be related..


I dont think it was a bad thing, it isnt like she said that she was going to kill or anything. If he was a "real" person he would have at least talked to the woman, but that's how HOLLYWOOD change people

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