Tween Couple Alert: Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez!

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Move over, Zanessa.

If new dating rumors are true, you're about to be shoved aside by Taylena!

Prom Bound

The tween world is abuzz this week with talk that Taylor Lautner has been spotted getting cozy in Vancouver Selena Gomez.

OMG! Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez might be the next young, hot couple!

Lautner, who is best known for playing Jacob Black in the Twilight franchise, has been shooting New Moon in that city over the last month. Gomez, meanwhile, is in town for Ramona and Beezus, a big screen adaption of a popular book series.

According to E! News, the young twosome went to Caffe Artigiano last week for a coffee date.

"They were very low-key and kept to themselves," a witness said. "Nobody bothered them."

Another source said the burgeoning lovers also had dinner at a local restaurant, Old Spaghetti Factory, over the weekend.

What do you think, readers? Would this be just the coolest, cutest, most delicious couple in Hollywood history?


They make such a cute couple. Salena is so preety, and i LOVE her baby face. I watch her show whenever I'm home. I like her better than Miley, atleast Salena keeps its Rated PG13 and not going around hopping to the next guy that comes along. Taylor is Hot and if i ever met him i'd be nervous, but not screaming like the other girls...just smilimg ask for an autogragh and walkm away....awwhhhhh he's so cute!!!!!


Hey, I think Selena can pick any boy she wants to be with.
But I would say that they are a cute couple!
-Demi Lovato


oh my gawdddd i so hate selena. taylor is so my man. i swear. if she thinks that she can just go about taking him then she has something seriously painful in store for her. i love him more than anytihng in this world and he loves me. if she even think for one second he actually is just going to forget about me and go for her she has got to be the stupidest person i have ever met.


plz selena u re 2 ugly 4 such a cute guy. leave him miley will come 4 him not u stay with ugly nick


i thunk that will be the best better than the rest....they both seem to be cute ppl


o0h y3s ii r3ally b3liiv3
that taylo0r and s3l3na
sh0ould d3f3n3tly go0 0out
they ar3 r3ally niic3 p3o0pl3
and th3y r3ally d3s3rv3 th3 happiin3s
th3y wiill mak3 a cut3 c0oupl3


awww!!!! itz so cute that my cousin selena is almos dating taylor ahahaha


They make an awesome couple, i'm not angry but-if they (maybe taylor) convinces the director maybe for new moon (if its not to late) or in eclipes and B.D. to get her a part....i'd be pretty p.o. but right now i'm cool w/ it thanx 4 listenin' =D
xD w/Luv,


they're cute..
i totally freaked when i read this


I saw them on Saturday night eating dinner at cactus club. I don't really like selena she's a poser and I'm not just saying that because she may be going out with Taylor. I just don't like Disney stars and I don't like how shes all goody goody at least mikey Cyrus acts somewhat like a teenager

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