The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 76

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Welcome to another edition of The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, now in its 76th week. Who won this week's edition of the Caption Contest?

With Octomom Nadya Suleman involved, the material was nearly endless. You all did great, but we have selected gala1 as this week's champion!

Octo Pic

Congratulations! The winning entry appears below ...

But, sweetie, teddy bears really do LIKE to be on Ebay. Mommy can't plunger-suction kiss without new lip gloss.

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My son is not used to this pose. I'm getting more publicity than Angelina. How do ya'll like my Hollywood glasses?


911 La Habra Police State:
Nadya Suleman's Emergency Request More Sperm ASAP! Nadya Suleman Seeks Star Status - CA CPS Saves the Kids! Nadya Suleman Screams More Cash or Else! Nordstrom's Files a Cease & Desist Against Octomom


Take 1: Mr. Pitt this one's for you! Take 20: My son hates this pose! Angelia: I believe I'm looking hotter than you. I hate it when he cries: he's not used to being hugged.


OK..OK....have I held this one long enough ??
I'm going to miss the sale at Nordstrom's...


You know if you don't stop screaming I'm going to have to call 911.....


Another fake caring moment.
Pay Check's aren't suppose to cry.
I won't let Gloria or AIW take you.


1...2...3...4...5 OK, thats all the time I have for you today, got to move on to the next child.


Mommy, why do they hate us? What have we ever done to them?


Where is that f***ing Nanny? I do NOT know what to do with "this".


Put me down lady... you've mistaken me for one of kids!! I'm NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Let me go before your creepy makes me leaky!