Susan Boyle: YouTube, Britain's Got Talent Sensation

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Move over, Adam Lambert!

You're no longer the most buzzed-about aspiring singer on the Internet.

Susan Boyle, a 47-year old contestant on Britain's Got Talent, elicited a reaction from Simon Cowell last week that we didn't think was possible: total and utter shock.

The Scotland native wowed everyone in attendance at her audition, and she's continued to impress Web viewers that have come across her performance on YouTube. It's received over 12 million hits.

Watch it now. React to it in our Comments section.

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Absolutely magnificent, made me cry ...Good luck Annie


Susan Boyle has touched my heart. She has an outstanding voice. I just listen to her videos over and over.I am so proud of her!!


Susan...Thank you Thank you Thank you!
You are blessed with a beautiful gift. You made me cry.
You have given so much hope to so many of the "less than perfect looking" very talented people who may not have otherwise attempted or tried out for such an event. (until now)
You are beautiful and truly an inspiration to us all!
You are now on your way and your late mother would be so proud of you!


I searched this video after listening to the DJ's on the radio station comment on how 'unattractive' this woman was and my curiousity got the best of me. I didn't think she was as horrible as they made her seem and was pretty shocked at the audience reaction just to her physical appearance .. but LORD, what an awesome voice!!! Bring it home, Susan! You are beautiful!


Oh my god! this video really makes my cry
and i think that bitch that was laughing should be ashamed and most of us too because I also thought she was gonna be a disaster when I first saw herand now i can't stop watching the video
I hope she wins and her dream comes true!






God's gifts don't always mean physical beauty and money-I saw her on tv-her voice is exceptional - a gift not only to her but to this world who needs to her the absolute sweetness abd purity that comes out-my only hope is that she is protected from the crass individuals seeking to make a buck off her gift


Fantastic singer and good personality. She could definitely be a professional singer in some capacity.


Im from Scotland and when I first watched this I was like omg she is honna be awful!! Then it was like woahh!!! Total shock!! Just goes to show, you shouln't judge a book by it's cover.