Susan Boyle: YouTube, Britain's Got Talent Sensation

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Move over, Adam Lambert!

You're no longer the most buzzed-about aspiring singer on the Internet.

Susan Boyle, a 47-year old contestant on Britain's Got Talent, elicited a reaction from Simon Cowell last week that we didn't think was possible: total and utter shock.

The Scotland native wowed everyone in attendance at her audition, and she's continued to impress Web viewers that have come across her performance on YouTube. It's received over 12 million hits.

Watch it now. React to it in our Comments section.

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I was really surprised and humbled as a human being. It was a humanizing experience for me to watch her singing. Regardless if she win ( which I think she will) or just the runner up, she will be having an enormous success worldwide. I definetely will buy her CD or go see her at her concert (which would be my fist after 35 years). I am really rooting for her. God with you Susan. !!!!!!!


When I first saw her i could not understand why people were laughing shes beautiful and a voice i would die for. jsut shows you look before you jump to conclusions TOMMY


wot a perfomance, you shood of bn signed up years ago. only if you had the courage well done from me and my family from greenock,SCOTLAND hope you win.xx


As a Scot, I'm soooooo proud of Susan and think it's fantastic what's happened to her! Can you tell CNN News that Blackburn is West of Scotland's capital, Edinburgh, and not west of Aberdeen!!!


A wonderful God given talent. Her beauty comes from within. She really blessed my heart and it was great to see how quick the judges and audience changed their minds about her.


Wonderful Magical voice..Well Done Susan.But I sincerely hope she dos'nt change her look,& do all the 'glam bit' You are a lovely lady,& we all saw your great sense of fun....Beauty comes from within..& you are shining Susan..My Very best wishes!


ANGELIC as if GOD allowed human ears to behold an angels voice


She looks homely, absolutely nothing wrong with the way she looks. In fact she has a very sweet face. Everyone loves her because she is like us. The arc of her story sitting on her own eating a sandwich, confessing not having had love other than for her parents in her life, being bullied when she was young, the embarassing yet rebellious hip gyration and then... this voice which came forth for her mother. This 7 minute clip has so many levels we can relate to, loneliness, grieving, turning around ones fortunes in middle age. This woman is lovely and we should love her back and disregard the press that will eventually turn on her just because their paper might be bought. Let's just try to be better this time and collectively refuse to buy or read magazines that will try to find flaws or ridicule her. Because this will happen and we all know it.


Susan Boyle is truly outstanding. Let's hope someone kind takes her under their wing and lets her soar. So we can all enjoy "Susan's" music. Through our tears.


I like many people was moved to tears at such a wonderfull lady with the voice of an angel a BIG victory for one of the little people