Susan Boyle Appears, Sings on Larry King Live

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The Susan Boyle publicity tour continued last night... and we can't get enough!

The 48y-year old singer appeared on Larry King Live, speaking with the host and with Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan.

Asked about getting a makeover, Boyle gave a refreshing answer: "Why should I? Why should I change?"

During the taping, Boyle also nailed a verse of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." Check it out below:

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I love susan boyle. she has shown me that you dont have to be from hollywood to be a star. i wish her the best of luck. susan boyle will you marry me? 07968026079 call me x


Susan shows us that real talent doesn't need to be 'dressed up', she is an inspiration to thousands of 'ordinary' people. I wish her every success and happiness for the future.


What a delight! With all the bad news in the economy etc., it is a real pleasure to see something like this. Nothing like seeing the underdog come to the finish line and be a winner in life. Certainly, a life lesson for all who watch this video. A real view of self-esteem with her answers to the make-over queries. Best of luck to her!!!


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