Spotted: American Idol Finalists at BritWeek

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It's an American Idol tradition, on par with receiving criticism from Simon Cowell and smiling through Paula Abdul's jibberish.

Each year, the show's finalists attend BritWeek, an event created by producer Nigel Lythgoe. The event celebrates the link between Great Britain and the Los Angeles area.

At the 2009 edition, Adam Lambert and company got into the spirit of the occasion, posing for pictures and boogieing the night away with an Austin Powers impersonator...

Adam and Austin
Absolutely the Best
At BritWeek
Gokey Photo
An Idol Tradition
Still Alive
Dancing Allison
The Final Five

Click on the photos above to enlarge images of American Idol's final five finalists at BritWeek.


The world needs more Adam Lambert's in it His message of love & eqiulaty is one that today's youth need to hear Thank-You Adam for leading by example & staying true to yourself Love overcomes hate, Love has no color, Love has no orientation All is love ~ Adam Lambert


umm.. why is everything about this guy alywas about him being gay? when does he or the media ever discuss anything else but that fact? He's gay, so what? millions of people are gay, more have been, and more will be for ages to come. Can we now finally talk about things that really define who they are as person? oh well, we're getting there one step at a time


I'll start by saying Adam Lambert rocks the pack like never any other rock,pop,ect artist has ever done from the time I was a teen.I'm a big Canadian fan and only wish I could vote as we do support artist around the world and buy the CD's,but on the other hand I show my support by wacthing the program every Tuesday night. They are all great singers and only one can win the one thing one has to keep in mind they are also winners in any fans eyes.Thank you and may the best man win or young lady. :)

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