Spencer Pratt for Governor? Yes, He Can!

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Spencer Pratt says he's "definitely running" for political office one day.

You might scoff now, but how would you have reacted if Arnold Schwarzenegger had said this during his Terminator days?

"Don't know if I'll be getting elected any time in the next century or so, but definitely going after mayor of L.A. and at least governor," Pratt said to blog Pop Sugar. "I'll probably stop at Governor."

Would you vote Spencer Pratt into political office?

Despite his political desires, Spencer said he'd never turn his back on The Hills.

"It makes me sick when I hear people say, 'I'm quitting The Hills. I'm going to go do this,'" Pratt said, definitely not referring to soon-to-be former co-star Lauren Conrad. "The Hills is so much fun. It's so cool. It's crazy that people would ever consider quitting just because they have other opportunities. [I would do it] until I'm 90 with a cane and a walker."

We're not sure if we should celebrate that fact, or shoot ourselves over it.

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who the hell is this douche bad commenting on anyone eals? u sit here and say we cant but you can? a normal person huh? well go eat a dick! and by the way...what is "normal" to you?


Who the hell are these idiots commenting on ANYONE !!!!!!! Go to school and finish 3rd grade !!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who the hell are these idiots commenting on ANYONE !!!!!!! Go to school and finish 3rd grade !!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!! MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LMAO great comments - couldnt put it better myself LOL


Maybe other people (Lauren Conrad) aren't fame whores who feel like they need to stay on the show to have fame and money and sucess. Whenis this douch ever gonna realise that nobody cares about what he says?


oh dear god please no. he shouldnt be aloud to run anything...not even a hotdog stand. and he wont leave the hills cuz he dosnt know how to do anything eals but be one of the biggest douch bags in the world.