Simon Cowell Wants Adam Lambert-Danny Gokey Final

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Back in March, the American Idol spoilers on the street were that the fix was in and the show's producers were doing what they could to ensure Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace as the top two, with Lil Rounds and Adam Lambert right behind them.

But with Rounds ousted last week and Grace not even making the top 10, that isn't happening. Guess you can't believe every spoiler you read.

It’s still no surprise, though, that Simon Cowell named Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert as his hopeful top pair at a press conference this week.

"I would put my money on Adam and Danny," the judge said. "It is going to be Adam and somebody. I would like to see Adam and Danny because I think they are the best two singers, and at the end of the day that is what should happen."

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Adam Lambert has to be the favorite at this point, but perhaps Danny can make a run yet. Or will someone else spoil this party? Vote in the poll below ...

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I don't believe that Adam lost because of the stories of his possible sexual orientation (at least I seriously hope not). I think he "lost" because Chris is the American Idol ideal. He is cute, middle America and sings well enough. Is Chris in Adam's league as a singer/entertainer - absolutely not. Adam's flexibility in what he can sing (rock through ballads), his vocal range, his ability to alter his arrangements to suit the song and his style are all far superior to Chris. But Chris is the boy next door, the one you might want your daughter to bring home - he's safer - Adam is dark and dangerous, but what a talented young man. I suspect that of the two, Adam will make a bigger splash on the entertainment scene than will Chris.


Im 16 years old from Milwaukee. Danny is an amazing person. Every time he sings you can tell and feel the power and emotion he has. I definately think danny is going to win the whole thing. He is a strong Christian man and has a great attitude and confidence that he could win the whole thing. Its soo nice to see a Christian on American Idol. Being a Christian my self and seing danny makes me happy and stronger my self. Danny is a perfect idol for the Christian people here in the United States. danny keep singing strong man. Milwaukee is soo proud of you! Love you danny! =)


As it should be-i agree with Simon. Adam and Danny are by far the best singers in the competition.


You will not believe this and why nobody has said anything about.

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