Shaheen Jafargholi: Britain's Got Young Talent!

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It looks like this season of Britain's Got Talent will be a battle of the ages... literally!

While 48-year old Susan Boyle has been commanding most of the attention, following her mind-blowing rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables, a young competitor has stepped up to the challenge.

Only 12 years old, Shaheen Jafargholi did more than just belt out an incredible version of the Jackson 5's "Who's Loving You," he didn't cower from Simon Cowell.

Originally, Jafargholi started singing Amy Winehouse's "Valerie." But Simon stepped in, asked him to try another song and he delivered the following performance:

When asked by Entertainment Weekly if he could provide competition for Boyle, Shaheen replied:

"I think she’s talented... I wish her the best because she’s got talent and I think she should embrace it and take advantage of the attention because I think she deserves it... you don’t know what’s going to happen. And hopefully it will go my way, but if it doesn’t, then I’m just really pleased with what happened so far."

The audition rounds for Britain's Got Talent aren't even complete yet, and this show already feels more heated than American Idol (only because Adam Lambert, hopefully, has that title sewn up.)

Who do you think will win: Boyle, Jafargholi or another competitor?


i hate shaheen wats-his-name!


I agree wholeheartedly with Jeff on 22 April. When I first heard Shaheen, he brought tears to my eyes and I thought how proud I would be, if I were his mother. Susan Boyle has a voice, but I sing that song better than she does - and as for a marketable entertainer, I think not. She takes very little pride in her appearance, and her character is not strong, as shown by her emotional outburst this week. I haven't heard another thing about Shaheen since he knocked the socks of everyone - what? was he too overwhelmingly talented? If Susan Boyle wins this contest, I will never watch it again - on principal - that it's not about who is th most talented, but about who can get the most sympathy votes.


What happened to Shaheen Jafargholi? Is he still in contention or was he "disappeared"?


I don't understand how Susan Boyle can even be compared to this young lad. She may be taller, but he is head and shoulders above her. Even before Shaheen came along I thought that Susan was incredibly over-rated. She is being exploited by the media, because of her looks, not her singing talent. Don't get me wrong, I think that she can sing, but if we were looking at a person who people termed "attractive", she would be a non-event., at least not getting the attention she is now. People are making her their cause du jour and that is wrong. I wish them best the both, but I think Shaheen has a more talented voice.


'valerie' is by the zutons not amy winehouse!!!!


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