Rumored Boob Job Alert: Carrie Prejean!

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Carrie Prejean really loves God.

She just doesn't love how God made her.

Prejean Press Conference

The reigning Miss California has been outed by the state's pageant directors, as Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler told Access Hollywood this week that Prejean received breast implant six weeks prior to the Miss USA competition.

Carrie Prejean, before and after her rumored boob job. The enhanced Miss USA pageant cleavage is evident in the photo to the right.

Is this an immature, catty move on the part of Lewis and Moakler? Definitely.

But is it also hypocritical for Prejean to cite the Bible every chance she gets, yet clearly not be satisfied with how God made her? That's up to our readers to decide and debate.

Let the comments fly!

** Update: Keith Lewis (a very nice man) just phoned our office and said that neither he nor Shanna Moakler made any statement about Prejean undergoing surgery. We regret the error. (But will keep the photos above live because they do make us wonder about the validity of Carrie's cleavage.)

** Another update: In an interview with Billy Bush, Moakler does actually speak on Prejean's implants:

“[A boob job] was something that we all spoke about together,” Shanna said referring to herself, Carrie and Lewis. “It was an option and she wanted it. And we supported that decision.”

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The Bible would not consider a boob job "self-improvement".
Why? because having a boob job does not make you better in any real way.
A boob job would be somewhere along the lines of vanity/excess/selfishness. How about you see what the bible says about that?


"But is it also hypocritical for Prejean to cite the Bible every chance she gets, yet clearly not be satisfied with how God made her?" Are you going to make the same comments when someone have oral surgery and braces to straighten out teeth? Or those who take creatine and glutamine to help build bigger muscles? Why just her? The Bible does not condemn self-improvement physically, mentally, or spiritually. The Bible condemns things it listed as sins, and the desires to commit those sins.


She looks more natural and sweet on the first pic. Too much Barbie later. Noah Lieske


Real Christians don't parade on national television in their bikinis.