Robert Pattinson Photo Alert: Dashing in Dossier!

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What is Miley Cyrus thinking?!?

The spoiled, self-serving singer claimed to speak for all girls recently when she said that Robert Pattinson wasn't very attractive.

We can only hope Miley is reading The Hollywood Gossip right now and scrolls through the following images of the actor from Dossier Magazine. They speak for themselves (and they say: suck it, Miley!)...

Robert Pattinson is smokin... in more ways than one! Click on these photos for larger images of the star.


As far as I'm concerned,Rob Pattinson is handsome;but the only problem is that He's so dirty and hates shower.
He need to be clean if He wanna be loved by the other especially girls.I prefer seeing Rob pattinson and Kristen Stewart as a couple instead of Niki reed 'coz She's so old than her age!!!


okay well, while he is smoking he is totally unattractive.
smoking is thee grossest thing possible!!! You get lung cancer and die, why some one would take that risk i don't know.
Robert stop smoking, it doesn't make you look good.... and plus it actually ages you faster, so i am just thinking in your best interest here... Kristen should stop too. but Robert you are amazingly gorgeous in your own way, it's not the normal oh my god he is freaking amazing, but the mysterious and shy look. and your crooked smile is awesome(:


Zac Efron looks like a young boy..cute but that is all..Miley still is young..She don't see Rob as the full grown man he is..He is All Man..I don't think of him as a bad boy..He is who he is..and what we all think about him..It really should not matter to him..I do not smoke..But Damn..I have Never seen someone look so sexy..smoking a cig..Plus..Has Anyone besides me..noticed that his freckles on his right arm..are shaped in a triangle...


Robert Pattinson is GORGEOUS. I don't care what she thinks of him by any means. She just does stuff to get into the media. GOOD JOB.


Gaspard forever in my heart , okay ? xoxo.


I can only think of one word for Miley. JEALOUS! She is major jealous because the heat is all around him and not her. And anyway she is a crap actor and he is very talented. Watch her on Hannah Montana, she can't handle it because she's not naturally talented. Especially when she tries to be funny. She's an ok singer but I can't even watch her act, she tries to make it so natural that it's exaggerated and over the top. Ugh the more I think about the more I hate her.


Omg Rob is just too yummy!!! and all the people who say he is not hott... you all must be blind!! so what if he doesn't take a shower? he is an adult, he can do whatever the hell he wants. if he doesn't want to take a shower, he doesn't have to, even though a nice hott shower wouldn't be so bad every now and then... hahaha >:)


Mandy, you're kidding me right? They did a perfect job casting Twilight EXCEPT the two main characters. Gaspard Ulliel would've played a MUCH better Edward.
Emily Browning would've played a MUCH better Bella.


Bad boys are not scrawny. All this kid does is *play* bad boy... and he's doing so poorly. Zac Effron, who is a far cry from a real bad boy, plays the part better and looks hot doing it too. Now Zac has one rocking body that can make any white tee, leather jacket, jeans and greasy hair look delicious. But then again, that's my opinion.


I guess you girls aren't really into bad boys huh? Well everyone has different opinions and types they like and personally, the bad boy thing goes for me. I admit Zac Efron pulls off the look far better but Robert doesn't stay far. But you've gotta admit. There isn't a better Edward Cullen than Robert Pattinson.

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