Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: New Moon Set Pics

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Hot movie stars alert!

The cast of New Moon, led by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, officially began filming the Twilight sequel in Vancouver last week.

Cute Photo Shoot

The wildly-anticipated film comes out in November, but we're giving both guys and gals both the chance to drool over Pattinson and Stewart on the New Moon set right now...

Does it get any hotter than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? You tell us! Click on the photos above to enlarge these pictures.

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i thought this is a aswome page becouse it has edward and bella. this is the best page ever!!!!!!!!


rob so rulez hotness. taylor doesn't come anywhere near his hotness. fug taylor with squinty eyes, enormous misshapen nose, and a neck bigger than his head..a fame whore -- yuck! despite what kristen protests, she is always looking at rob with love eyes, always flirting and teasing him. show me one, just one picture of her doing that with michael. there's a strong connection between these two!


omgosh rob looks so much better now his hair isnt as scruffy as it was.... ohh f.y.i to those who think rob dont was a rumor that got taken way outta pic of his sweaty underarms, means that he doesnt shower "pathetic" evryone does that no matter what!! ohh and romeo and juliet is completly differnt, they died outta love, he couldnt live without her and she couldnt live without him so "bang" they did it out of love!!paris had nothing on romeo btw!! anyways back to topic "rob is gawgus, sweaty or not!!"
"so have at it!!"


i think rob looks so hot as edward and wats with the top they choose for bella not that nice but everything else is great rob hot kris gorgous xxx and i go with julianne great chemistry


Thanks for the updates. So in need of my TwiFix. They look gorgeous as ever. Pattinson's eyes & smile are something to behold & he can play guitar & piano! I really believe that New Moon will be worth the wait. Glad others share my Twi addiction/obsession.


does anyone else think that that is the tackiest f-ing bracelet that he has to wear -- please pick something that doesnt look that it came from the 99cent store - no offence -- i like that store but really - he like a bazillionare in the books -- make it look like it


Im with Page!!!!


Vanessa Moreno sucks balls. First of all, ROBERT is not Edward. And okay he might not take as many showers but thats what alot of people are like in england. You sound stupid. Romeo and Juliet were in love and thats why Juliet stayed with romeo. Paris got his ass killed by Romeo. Taylor looks like a dog, which I guess is a good thing considering he is a dog. So you can go suck his butt and stop hating on Rob. He's beautiful and musically Inclined.


Yes it does get hotter than that! Rob I adore you but did you see Kristen Stewart with Ryan Reynolds!! Oh! I lost my breath, sorry Rob.....owned!


well robert is a drinker and kristen a pothead what a perfect match