Ridiculous Rumor of the Day: Brangelina to Break Up!

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From possibly having another baby to possibly calling it quits.

Some random magazine from Great Britain, Grazia, claims Brad Pitt flew to the family’s French mansion alone over Easter. For what purpose?

To nab his portion of he and Angelina Jolie's art collection, naturally, because the most beautiful couple ever created is supposedly on the verge ending its relationship.

“It’s going to be one of Hollywood’s nastiest breakups," a source said. "There’s talk of lawyers being brought in to divide their assets and decide custody arrangements. Their relationship has soured to the extent that they aren’t even talking."

Right. We'll believe that when we believe that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag won't be reading off cue cards for their wedding.

This (totally untrue) rumor at least gives us an excuse to post numerous Brangelina pics. Click on each for a larger version...


You will notice my screen name. Gossip is a sin. It's supposed to be witty sarcasm. For what's her face up there...it's just good info I think.


Henry D. I think you are not only hilarious but I absolutely loved the way you slammed that weirdo. I mean...what??? Anyway, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Angelina and Brad. Her for her abstractness and him NOT FOR HIS LOOKS but because he is a GREAT actor. Fight Club? I mean that movie has layers. And he nailed them all. So...I'm on your side. Shut up nutjob.


Oh for gods sake Grazia is a well known trash magazine. Blaby02 stop listening to the tin foil voices in your head. There have never been any "known sources" saying any such thing. There is absolutely no evidence to support such libelous statements about these people. You sound like a nutjob. You know nothing about these people or how they raise their children. But your post reveals tons about you. Maybe you should pray to your god to forgive you for the sins of hatred and spreading gossip.


Can I just point out that in the UK, your People is a random magazine. Grazia is one of the most popular magazines here. I also read that Angelina paid Brad $60 million to keep custody of the kids!


Pictures don't prove anything especially in the case of this make believe untalented, baby buying, slut of a couple! I hope Karma slams them hard! They deserve it! By the way is AJ still shooting heroin and BP still smoking pot! It is disgusting that known sources say confidently that they are and they are still allowed to buy kids when there are honest hard working christian families who are denied children. Children that would be raised first hand by the family and not some nanny or used for publicity props!

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