Report: Molly Malaney to Dump Jason Mesnick This Weekend

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Is another Bachelor breakup just around the corner?

Recent reports of lovebirds Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick getting to know each other and basking in the afterglow of their unique Bachelor love story are contradicted by a new article in In Touch Weekly, suggesting a split is imminent.

According to a close friend cited by In Touch, Molly Malaney, 24, is no longer enamored of the single father - and is considering breaking up with him over Easter weekend, when the two plan to meet up in in his home city of Seattle.

If they don't get married, that would make the show an impressive 0-for-13. And according to someone claiming to be close to Mesnick, that's looking likely.

“The more she sees Jason, the less she likes him” a friend reveals.

No way that's true - have you seen his abs??

The supposed "friend" adds that Molly doesn’t trust Jason Mesnick after what he did to Melissa Rycroft, the 25-year-old he initially gave the final rose to on The Bachelor, then dumped for Molly on the "After the Final Rose" special.

“Let’s face it, (Molly) was his second choice,” a second source says of runner-up Malaney and Rycroft, who went on to shine on Dancing with the Stars.

“He has a history of being fickle.”

It has also been rumored that Molly, a native of Grand Rapids, Mich., who now lives in Milwaukee, isn’t prepared to relocate to Seattle to be with him.

“Jason expects her to quit her job and move,” the source says. “Molly’s not giving up her life unless she’s 100 percent sure that he’s committed.”

Right now, the relationship is shaky at best. The two talk via Skype almost every night on the computer, but the source says she hasn’t gone to Seattle to visit Jason, since March 3 - and hasn’t seen his son Ty, 4, since the show’s finale.

“It’s make-or-break time,” the friend explains.

Think they'll last? Guess all we can do is stay tuned. In the meantime, click to enlarge some photos of Jason and Molly, and of a spurned Melissa ...


The real loser in all this is the fools who believe the breakup was real when it was admitted by Melissa, Jason and Exec Prod Fleiss that Jason and Melissa were long broken up before the show aired. Check your facts and you will also know that Melissa is a fame wh_re being on her fourth reality show in two years. She never really wanted Jason but to just win and further her entertainment career. Step away from your emotions and you will see that Jason realized that Melissa was a mistake for him and took courage to end it and not be like the phonies on previous bachelor show who pretended to portray the relationship was fine when it was in trouble.


Good for you Molly... He is a jerk and a spineless wimp!


Jason is such a jerk. He's not even cute. Short and stupid and cried like a baby on the show. And Molly is an idiot for going back to him. He actually thinks he's a stud... but he's so arrogant and such a loser. They should break up and move on. Can't imagine them being this happy couple... yukk.


me and my friends really love melissa so we hope molly did break up with jason he is such a loser and also a big jerk.


Someone should really check out Jason's place. You can comment all you want but it is never posted if it is negative!!! If you check it out you will see that there is nothing but glowing comments, they will not let you put anything negative on it!!


He should put his child first. I dont even believe what happens on this show. I think its just to get people to watch it


I hope Molly does dump him. She should have never went back to him. They both done Melissa wrong but she is getting her revenge and I am happy for her.


If Molly let him go after she wanted him so bad, she is a FOOL. She said that she want him and had hoped he would say he picked the wrong one. It should have been he from the get go. That is what she wanted. SO KEEP HIM!!!!!!!!!!!


good. molly can do better than this jackass and should get out now while she still can. guess what molly he will always put ty first you will always be second.


Guess what, nobody cares.

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