Report: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Break Up!

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Following months of flirting, dating, denying that they were dating, fighting and denying that they were fighting, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have finally broken up.

And, "this time, Sam means it," a source told Us Weekly.

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The couple got into a fight over the weekend at a party Ronson hosted for her fashion-designer sister, Charlotte Ronson, at West Hollywood's Bar Marmont.

If Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan cannot make it as a couple, what hope is there for anyone?

How did Samantha break the news to her lover that their relationship was over? In the most mature of ways, reportedly.

"[Sam] told security to look out for Lindsay and block her from getting in," said an insider. "Lindsay, of course... booked a room at [the hotel] Chateau and fully intended to crash the party and make a scene."

However, security kept the troubled actress from entering the shindig.

"She was heartbroken, but Sam did not want Lindsay entering and causing a scene and ruining Charlotte's night," said a witness.


somebody please help! I have a transexual friend who cant deal with her looks any more, if there is anybody who knows how i can assist her.please get in touch with me cause we dont have money for her to go through trans gender sugery. Is there any other way?


LL iS HOT!!! i WOULD LEAVE my girl for her... Damn she is a baibe sam didnt deserve. Head up LL am on yo side


thanks god.. i was waiting for them to break long time ago, lindsay dont even think of feeling bad about this.. your so good to be with her, hope you feel good with youre new boyfriend (sam)!!!!


I am so Happy to hear this. Sometimes you just wish that some people end up with a prince charming and i couldnt wait for you 2 to break up . Lindsay your too good for Samantha. You should know that by now.. Way to go Girl...


Thank God , now she can go back to men , nothing against them she just suited men better


chin up lindsay things will work out i dont blame you for going out all the time fair play to you,leave things in the past and find some one new and better and someone who matches up to your standards dont putt yourself down LiLo.!


lindsay dont must forget about her.........


lindsay its okay your hot any body would love to date u
put sam in the pass AND FORGET HER NOW!!!!!! that thing was
old news no girl or boy is worth that what she did i am on your side break her hreat to


so glad they broke up!! lindsay is so hot!!! i would totally leave all guys behind for her!! ;-)


OMG, who cheated on who here??? Lindsay is so much better off without that bee-otch. And, just look at that pic above - Yikes! LL is waaay to pretty for her anyway. I'm on Lindsay's side- Just move on LL... you'll be glad you did, I'm sure of it!

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