Report: 50 Cent Nails Ciara

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Let's hope Shaniqua Tompkins isn't reading this.

In hookup news nowhere near as random and probably a bit less disease-riddled than the recent coupling up of Tila Tequila and Billy Corgan, the New York Post is reporting that Ciara and 50 Cent recently spent the night at a Times Square hotel.

Fiddy Loves New Moon

Says their source, “there was only one bed in that penthouse.”

Surely 50 Cent must have take the couch like a true gent.

50 Cent and Ciara push it good.

Rumors have swarmed around the pair since their steamy video for "Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone" two years ago, but they’ve never admitted anything but friendship.

Looks like they're singing a different duet than pictured above, though. The only question is whether it's a one-shot deal or a friends-with-benefits scenario.

Ciara was also linked to Chris Brown at one point last year, but he is not believed to have tapped that booty, nor has he received any booty call texts from Ciara.

He is in one of these pictures below, though. What would Rihanna say? Click to enlarge some more images of possible sort-of couple 50 Cent and Ciara ...


what a couple,50 sucks he doesnt deserve ciara 4 a wife.


this damn couple is romanting,50 get da fuck damn baby on this chick nd make afucken familly.


ya'l... fiddy and ciara do make a great couple! they meant to be, stop hating,congratulate!!


50 and Ciara in a porno would be hot hot hot. They both have such beautiful bodies.


FIRST OF ALL all yall HATERS need to stop hating on ciara and 50 cent they are to grown people and what they do is their bussiness and not yours so if you have something negitve to say please keep it to yourself cause they gettin the real dollas.HOLLA!


hei wats men?stop hanging out wth tht shit ciara,if yo thnk ur da best fuck beyonce.i wll salut yo budd.


I wld lyk fiddy n Ciara reveal the truth, bcz dey put us on dillema.


fuck man 50cent why u after lil bow s girlfrwnd .i mean u stuped rich u got tons of money every girl want a piece of u xpeacialy em girls. jes back off man or u.l get 192 bullet next jes kiddn


this rumor is so boring


Billy Corgan and Tila Tequila ? OMG! No way!

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