Redmond O'Neal: Probably Going to Prison

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Redmond O’Neal, the troubled son of Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Fawcett, may be looking at some serious jail time after the latest of many, many arrests.

This is what happens when you are on probation, then are busted with heroin. On the premises of a jail, where you were going to visit someone. Wow.

Redmond O'Neal Mugshot

Moreover, he was recently kicked out of rehab ... for drug use.

“Mr. O’Neal was recently discharged from a residential treatment facility after testing positive for meth and because traces of heroin were found in his room,” said a spokesperson for the L.A. District Attorney’s office.

Due to this infraction, Redmond O'Neal cannot qualify for treatment instead of imprisonment. Sounds like Red is headed to the big house this time.

Reports say that he will be sentenced for the violation of his probation on April 17 - and could be slapped with up to three years for that crime alone.

Then there's the heroin possession arrest on its own. Yikes. We just hope he's formally booked again. There can never be enough celebrity mug shots.


Hey Doc. They've tried counseling and 12 step programs the only way he's gonna take it serious is to lock him up.It worked for me and when he hits his bottom it'll work for him too. 12 steps after prison


Rather then condemn this young man to years of prison (I grew up on the grounds of Folsom prison, my Dad was Assistant Warden) we should get him help. That is horribly sad. There is a reason he takes drugs and it isn't just because they make him feel good. Find the reason behind his addiction and teach him how to end that and he will find a good life. But no, we're a stupid society. We'd rather destroy what could very well be a promising life by making sure he remains addicted to drugs. Think of it this way: "But for the grace of God, you could be in his shoes today."


he'll find ways to get the smack even in prison, just watch


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