Miss New Mexico, Raelene Aguilar, Busted For DUI

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Probably not since Lindsay Lohan's pair of slutty booking photos have we seen a mug shot this damn hot. Raelene Aguilar, who's Miss New Mexico USA 2008, was arrested after driving drunk in El Paso, Texas, yesterday at 3:48 a.m.

Raelene was busted after the cops originally pulled her over for speeding. Always a good way to keep the attention away from yourself. They gave her a a field sobriety test, which she failed. She was booked into county jail at 6:00 a.m.

Aguilar went before a judge and was eventually bailed out for $600, but not before showcasing her natural good looks in the booking photo below ...

Raelene Aguilar Mug Shot

The president of the Miss Universe Organization Paula Shugart, a bigwig at Miss USA, reportedly said of Raelene Aguilar, "She has our deepest sympathies and we're hoping she can make it through this difficult time. She's a good person."

As Tara Conner will attest, those Miss USA folks are a forgiving bunch.

Aguilar, whose reign as Miss New Mexico USA came to a close at the end of 2008, said through her attorney that she is innocent and will contest these charges.

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lol thats my cousin


Funny thing, I know her friends, PERSONALLY... she's best friends with a lawyer. Or, at least, he's board certified and knows everyone in the El Paso courthouse. I'm sure they'll hook her up. How could they let little girls believe that such a good girl would be drinking and driving?? OH NO! Give her a chance everyone...it must have been that one damn night she decided to drink. That ONE mistake. Ha! She can be frequently found on Cincinatti Street and other local bars with her lawyer friend..who happens to be a drunk as well. Don't get us started on that persons "quiet" record. Great crowd, Miss New Mexico...great influence!


She posed topless in a local El Paso magazine called Posh with her sash! She lied about having a college degree! She never lived in NM! Why doesn't anyone investigate this?


Ladies and Gentlemen! Presenting the Miss New Mexico 2008 runner up, Monica! Hey Monica, I sure hope Raelene reads your post so she understands just how upset you are.


This is from a person who knows Raelene Aguilar personally. Thanks for making New Mexico look bad! So your innocent huh? Is that a lie like the one you provided the Miss Teen New Mexico pagent officials? You know, the one about you being a resident of New Mexico? You and I both know, you have always lived in El Paso, TX. Good luck liar!


does she have a boyfriend that takes care of her , if not i am freeeeeee , tom