Police, Social Services Pay Visit to Octomom

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Somehow we doubt this will be a one-time thing.

Embattled mother of newborn octuplets and six other young children Nadya Suleman was visited Wednesday by Orange County Social Services and police detectives.

Whack Job

According to the L.A. Times, a complaint was filed by one of Suleman's kids' school teachers after the teacher observed what appeared to be bite marks on him.

The bitten offspring is three-year old Aidan.

The website also claimed Aidan showed up to school with a black eye, but Nadya Suleman downplayed his injury, saying: “He’s autistic, he bumps into things.”

La Habra Police Lt. Tom Dutton confirmed the visit in a statement:

“On Wednesday, April 29, La Habra Police personnel were requested to assist Orange County Social Services involving a matter pertaining to the Sulemans. As is customary, the department routinely assists other agencies, when so requested.”

DRAIN ON SOCIETY: Another day, another child endangerment claim for Octomom.

Suleman's attorney, Jeff Czech, said he was not sure whether the social services officials took any action and suspects they were called by the boy's teacher.

The caretaker of 14 - and possibly a new pet soon - had no comment.

This incident is already the fourth formal complaint levied against Nadya Suleman, 34, for possible child neglect and endangerment this year.

The first three complaints filed against Octomom took place in March by attorney Gloria Allred on behalf of the organization Angels in Waiting.

Allred took action after Nadya Suleman fired the non-profit organization's nurses, said she didn't need their help and accused them of being spies.


To Catherine: you do not bite children back, stupid. That does not teach them to stop.and it is also abuse so.mind your own business you sick bitch.


I think they need to take the kids from octomom.she can,t even afford her own apartment her mom &dad help her octomom needs to go out and get a job.i really think the kids should get adopted octomom better not have anymore kids she does not even need to get any pets she will not take care of the pet.


Octomom does not have to report to anyone and she knows this. When I see her older children running around like wild animals, I noticed the other day, the little curley headed tazmaian devil, had picked up a pair of sharp gardening tools and was waving them around his mother and this could be fatal if he hit the other children, the camera man was attempting to keep the camera on the octomom and her cow lips, but the wild kid just kept waving those cutters around in the air. I hope nothing happens but I afraid it will and soon. What a misfit


I have been waiting for something to happen, and sure enough it has. She says the 3 year old has a habbit of biting, but if any of the older ones are biters, that is just further evidence of her lack of parenting skills. There is one sure cure for that. Bite them back! I am sure the nannies will be questioned in regards to this matter. I keep saying the best thing that could happen to all those children would be adoption. If it turns out the limo driver is the father of her oldest, this case will really get interesting. Nadya Suleman is a poor excuse for a human being!


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