Perez Hilton Poses Gay Marriage Question to Miss California

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Last night, Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA.

While the hopeful motivational speaker clearly earned the crown on her own merit, it didn't hurt when Carrie Prejean (Miss California) lost the support of one judge following her response to his question in the interview round.

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton asked Prejean for her opinion on the legalization of gay marriage.

After stumbling through an answer that included how great it is for America to give its citizens the choice of same-sex unions versus those involving the opposite sex, Prejean said she was raised to believe marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Our staff is as pro-gay marriage as we are anti-Perez Hilton, so we're equally disappointed by Miss California's reply.

How do you feel about it? Leave a comment. Let us know!

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By the way. Being gay is not a race as black or white is. It is called sexual preference. Vocabulary people.


i believe every american citizen has the right to freely express themselves in a non-violent manner.
guess that makes me a hate monger and, ironically, a bigot. kudos to gene AND miss CA, i happen to be gay and i think it's an outrage that she's being critized not only perez hilton but also by this very website. just because you dont understand someones opinions or morals doesnt mean you have the right to look-down at them. she has the right to express her opinions (especially when asked!) just as you have the right to give your opinion about every celebrity that you mock and critize. instead of bringing her down, you should be thankful you live in a country where you're born with the right of free speech


Dear Amalgamate, Just because you are against gay marriage, it doesn't mean you HATE gays. Her belief is her belief; you're saying she has no right to her belief if it interfears with some one elses rights. No one has the right to do anything they want. If so, you could have an argument to do any thing illegal because you have rights. As far as being a role model, she is a bigger role model, because she did say what she thought was right and not what others wanted her to say. (That's a good lesson to teach our children. "Do what you believe is right, not what others think you should do.")


The woman deserved to lose. We simply cannot reward people who are against equal rights for all. What if she was asked about blacks marrying whites? To be a role model (even for a silly outdated thing such as winning a pageant), a person simply cannot be full of hate and against equal rights for all.
She justly lost.
Fortunaetly, she probbaly learned a valuable lesson. You must love and be loved-do no harm, spread love, not hate.
The world is changing for the good in this regard. There is no argument against gay marriage besides a religious one, which of course has no basis in reality. One man's spiritual beliefs is another man's silly fiction.
Believe what you want, but do not seek to take the righst of otehrs away.
and, hardyharhar-no, a state does nto have teh right to vote on the rights of a minority-what';s next? outlawing mormons? the baptists? if one is susceptible, then all are...


I did not watch the pageant. I don't care which state the woman is from. This was an answer that she gave, because this was what she believed. It would have been easy for her to say the politically correct response. But instead she did the right thing; she gave her OPINION, which is what the question asked. It's a sad day when you cannot say what you feel, but instead you have to worry about offending anyone and everyone. The problem is, she said what the majority of people in this country feel. If it wasn't the majority, he wouldn't have to ask this question?


i think it's AWESOME people have responded to this article with their OWN OPINIONS, no matter if they find her disgraceful or brave.
it would probablu REALLY SUCK if people/your boss/the media made a HUGE DEAL everytime you didnt have an opinion that didn't match theirs...


It is a disgrace, the epithets that are being hurled on this website. It is an equal disgrace that this woman believes that her personal views do or should have anything to do with the rights of others. It is a further disgrace that the comments posted here largely echo her muddled, confused, and unintelligible answer. Paris, my old friend, unfortunately no one sees your efforts to uncover the vapidity behind these contests and between her ears: I suppose you might have known better. The audience here just doesn't know squat. Keep on rockin' in the free world--for as much longer as it is free. To those of you who have posted comments with words like "homo" in them--good luck!


I think she should have lost because of her answer. Being a pageant women means that you are the face of a nation and your beliefs do come into effect when having the belief that civil liberties should be denied based on sexual orientation or for any other reason. It is inherently wrong and has been taught to us that it is wrong throughout history over and over again. This is the same as if she was participating in the 1960 MIss USA pageant and said "I believe only white people should vote, sorry, no offense, but that is just how I was raised." The question was aimed to separate bigots from excepting, loving people: which is what MIss USA should be represent. She does have a right to believe whatever she wants but she does not have the right, a someone representing an entire nation, to support the denial of other people's rights, that is why she lost.


I'm homosexual myself, but that Hilton huy is an obnoxious jerk.


It is unfortunate that a beautiful contestant can be voted against because of her beliefs. I thought this was America and that everyone has the 5th ammendment right which is freedom of speech. She should not have been judged by her own morals and values. A question such as that should not have even been asked! Yes, every state has the right to make their own law, and every person should have the right to their own personal opinion. Infact, it would be great if there were states that were for the homosexuals and for the straight people... that way, if you are for being gay you have a state where you can rome free.. and if you are straight and don't want your children to be surrounded by such disgust, well, you would know that your state doesn't support such a thing!

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