Perez Hilton Poses Gay Marriage Question to Miss California

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Last night, Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA.

While the hopeful motivational speaker clearly earned the crown on her own merit, it didn't hurt when Carrie Prejean (Miss California) lost the support of one judge following her response to his question in the interview round.

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton asked Prejean for her opinion on the legalization of gay marriage.

After stumbling through an answer that included how great it is for America to give its citizens the choice of same-sex unions versus those involving the opposite sex, Prejean said she was raised to believe marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Our staff is as pro-gay marriage as we are anti-Perez Hilton, so we're equally disappointed by Miss California's reply.

How do you feel about it? Leave a comment. Let us know!

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I honestly don't hate her... it's not like she said "You can't get married queer, and i can, IN YOUR FACE". She said that's how she was raised. A racist kid raised by a racist parent, can't help but being racist. Why is this any different?


Perez what is WRONG with you??? Do you know that Mr. Liberal Icon, President Barack Obama and his cronies, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and almost EVERY person in the DEMOCRATIC party OPPOSES gay marriage??????????? So does 70% of America. Miss California has a right to express her opinion, and I respect her for it. I think these pageants are very demeaning but for the first time, I feel that something good came out of it. It shows that these showoffy physically beautiful women can actually THINK rather than just show their body parts. Instead of applauding her for her courage to state HER opinion fully knowing that you support gays, you're badmouthing her and disqualifying her. Shame, people like this need to be deported. They are destroying this country.


Please stop the inane banter about rights concerning personal preferences. Pedophiles have personal preferences but only a peophile would think it OK to act on them. Gay is OK but just like a man can't get pregnant, Same sex couples can't get married. The reason is not because of a lack of love, or committment, or even an issue of right or wrong. It is because the definition is a union between man and woman. Look, there was no definition problems with rainbows, the words gay and glad, and the reasons for bath houses so same sex couples hijacked all of those. It just so happens that same sex couples want to hold onto this one so go get your own ceremony and name it something you'll cherish forever. Then call Perez and tell him he's a public relations nightmare for your cause.


What she should have said was "Ms. Hilton, Shame on you for bringing your own political agenda into this event. Try another question or I will just recite my opinion on selfish prima donna's and the gay hollywood mafia that perpetuates their inane behavior." Perez just admitted that it is OK to discriminate based on views. So now an employer does not have to ask if you are gay, they can just ask your views on gay marriage. If you say yes and the employer thinks the answer should be no....BTW, Perez always seemed like a catcher rather than a pitcher. He sure proved me wrong and put it in Trump's @$$ by making the runner up the winner just because she doesn't see the world the same way he does. Miss Cal easily blew the rest of the competition away. We'll see more of her ala Vanessa Williams. Does anyone remember the name of the contestant that replaced Vanessa? Let's face facts, Perez is famous for the same reasons that you watch a train wreck.


This is not an issue between librerals and conservatives. This is about answering a question with honesty. I'm very liberal on certain issues and very conservative on other issues. The issue is that Carrie should not have lost for being honest. The judge was incorrect and he owes Carrie an apology.


That was truly a terrible question to ask because it is so controversial. If he was going to ask it then he should have been prepared for any answer. The only way for him to respond is by saying, "I respect your opinion even if I don't agree." All the more reason for her to have won. But alas he has only embarrased himself by reacting the way he did and the question he asked. Should she lie just to win? I think not.


Carrie Prejean answered her question with honesty. I used to think that these pageants were all fake. Now I know that some of the people really do tell the truth. I believe that people can do whatever they want as far as marriage is concerned. However, she answered her a tough question with honesty and she should have won. I don't agree with her views but I agree with her honesty and integrity.


I'm not from CALIF. but if I was I would vote yes to PROP 8.


First off...Who is perez hilton anyway??? Whoever he is he's had his 15 minutes so lets get on with our lives. Why was he a judge of anything???? Who thought he could judge???? The producers were scraping the bottom of the barrow(definition-a castrated male swine) for him to be there. This "it" is an idiot.... called her bitch but wanted to call her the "c" word. hilton is the "c" word no no I am sorry he has only an ASSHOLE!!! Ms.Calf. said what she believed to be right her opinion so back off. "it" learn some manners and get a life will you!!! Americans don't want to see or hear from you again!!! What a LOSER!!!!!!


What the F%%k!! I am so sick of Lesbian & Gay right crap being pushed down our throats it's sickning!! This is a beauty Contest. If this IDIOT wants to promote GAY S%^T go on Rosie. Problem is, like most Famous Gay People, If thier partners admitted the truth, thier only with them for the MONEY!! Look at Rosie!! I couldnt even sleep with bthat for all her money, and the attitude!! Defianately BULL DYKE!!

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