Perez Hilton Poses Gay Marriage Question to Miss California

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Last night, Kristen Dalton was crowned Miss USA.

While the hopeful motivational speaker clearly earned the crown on her own merit, it didn't hurt when Carrie Prejean (Miss California) lost the support of one judge following her response to his question in the interview round.

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton asked Prejean for her opinion on the legalization of gay marriage.

After stumbling through an answer that included how great it is for America to give its citizens the choice of same-sex unions versus those involving the opposite sex, Prejean said she was raised to believe marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Our staff is as pro-gay marriage as we are anti-Perez Hilton, so we're equally disappointed by Miss California's reply.

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Perez, your fighting the wrong battle here. You need to keep your own thoughts to YOURSELF.I feel she had a right to express her beliefs. Bring Jesus back into our lifes so we dont have this kind of stupidity in our world.


Hilton is wrong, pure and simple. The woman was asked a question, and she expressed her personal opinion, which is our right to do in this country. Hilton claimed her answer caused her to lose the beauty contest. If that's the case, then Hilton should be removed as a judge because he obviously can't be objective and unbiased.
Why is some gay guy a judge in a woman's beauty contest anyway?
Hilton is an idiot, pure and simple


Way to go Carrie, i along with the MAJORITY of america support you!!


never heard of this perez bitch! what the hell happen to leaving hot ladies do there thing.shouldnt this sexually confused person be judging some parade in san fransisco.


I guess Perez Hilton will not tolerate any intolerance.


This just shows that the homosexuals are very intolerant and prejudiced. After all, all along, they have saying that they want people to tolerate their lifestyles. Well, Carrie is entitled to her own opinion. She was asked by this hate-monger, Perez, and she gave an honest answer nicely and politely. Too bad, the homosexuals and Hollywood-bred hypocrites didn't like the answer. That's discriminatory. The question was politically motivated and Carrie was discriminated because of her preference on heterosexual marriage. I thought Hollywood establishment was against discrimination, no? The event should now be called "Miss Lesbian USA" and only lesbians need to apply.


It's obvious. The thought police have taken over the Miss USA contest. Time for a Miss Real-USA contest. This has officially jumped the shark. Perez, the clock is ticking on your 15 minutes.... tick..tick...tick...


Since when is it a crime to stand up for one's convictions? Much of the left is constantly screaming about the "intolerance" of the right; it cannot even hold a candle to the intolerance of the left. Few liberals are truly interested in discussion or debate. The preferred method is to "win" arguments through emotion and name calling, not logic; through calling the opponent a "blankophobe" or a hater; and through trying to censor, suppress, or punish their ability to state their opinion. I greatly admire Miss Prejean for having the guts to state her conviction even though she had to know it would hurt her chances to win.


You know all you two faced liberal extremist(is that how you say it?)can say all you want to about anything and anyone and it is ok. Let someone else say something you disagree with and it's tie them to the stakes and burn them. You, Perez Hilton do you realize people that really count could care less about you and your life style. What you did to Miss Ca was dirty low life at trying to quantify your perverted life style. You relished in taking someone down who didn't agree with your perverted bliefs and lifestyle. I will lay odds you knew about Miss Ca's opinion and beliefs before you ask that loaded question. It is is obvious you set her up, and she was strong enough to answer honestly and did not give up her intigrity to satisfy the likes of your sicko life style (oh that's my opinion). Up yours Perez, remember what goes around comes around for what you did to Miss California. When it happens whenever remember what you did to set her up.


Her opinion was fully honest and full of respect compared to Perez Hilton whose comments in his interviews were very disrespectful and vulgar on his references to name calling directed to her. Overflowing with hypocrisy and filled with hate his statements. Very immature and not a good example of promoting freedom of speech in a respectful manor(only his views are acceptable?) The audience obviously agreed with her comments-He is obviously very bitter and not comfortable with who he is.

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