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After discovering this new batch of Marisa Miller bikini pictures, we had two thoughts:

  • Tomorrow is May 1. Why are these bikini pics from the 2009 Wurth calendar only coming out now? Perhaps because no one knows what Wurth is?
  • We are spending way too much time analyzing trivial matters, rather than enjoying the glorious nature of Marisa Miller bikini pics. Bad THG.

Click. Enlarge. Enjoy. These are Wurth your time ...

The Marisa Miller Workout

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We know what you're thinking, ladies: You'd make sweet, passionate love to Zac Efron even if he was bald or rocked a mohawk.

We understand. We've seen those eyes, too.

Still, when the actor showed up for an international premiere of 17 Again this week sporting a new, slicked-back hairstyle, he must have known it would be critiqued.

Did Vanessa Hudgens see him leave the house with this look? Who let him ditch his shaggy locks in order to make like a character in Grease? Weigh in on the style below.

Do you like Zac Efron's slicked-back hair?

17 Again Star


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Considering the constant parade of beautiful women in his bedroom, Hugh Hefner is not one to dwell on the past.

That's why he's confused about a report this week that claimed he wanted Holly Madison to move back into the Playboy Mansion (either that, or Hef is suffering from dementia; the guy is really, really old).

"I have no idea where these crazy stories come from," Hefner said in a statement. "The idea that I'm pining over former girlfriend Holly Madison and would 'welcome her back with open arms' is pure fiction. It was invented by someone to create publicity."

Hef said he doesn't think of Madison in that way anymore. After all, the guy is totally smitten with one to three women.

"I'm in love with Crystal Harris (pictured) and wouldn't trade her or the Shannon Twins for anyone in the past," he said. "Holly will always be welcome here at the mansion, but not as a girlfriend. I think she's happy now, and I know I am."

No offense to Holly, but Hef appears to have made the right decision. Harris is the hottest girlfriend he's had yet. We present the following photos of her as evidence:

  • Crystal Harris Photo
  • Crystal Harris Pic

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This was not funny, America.

While Matt Giraud was rightfully voted off American Idol last night, the major news from the evening was that he was joined in the bottom two by Adam Lambert.

We're trying to determine what could poisslbly be the explanation behind Lambert ever being among the lowest vote getters. Might it be backlash against the constant praise he receives? Millions of texting mistakes? Swine flu?

My Funny Valentine

As for Giraud, he reacted to his elimination with class.

"I'll definitely remember being the cat with nine lives up there," the singer said before launching into "My Funny Valentine" one more time. "It's definitely not the last time you'll see me. I want to thank Kalamazoo and Michigan for supporting me, and the judges for seeing something in me. I love you all, so, I can't wait."

Relive Giraud's time on the show below. Click on various pics of his performances for larger images...

  • Like The Fray
  • Trying to Stay Alive

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Fans of The Hills may recall that in a previous season, Lauren Conrad got a puppy named Chloe that played a role in Audrina Patridge moving out.

Waaay back in the day, Heidi Montag's ex, Jordan Eubanks, got her a dog that she quickly got tired of and vanished to some undisclosed location.

PETA, get on that one.

Kristin Cavallari and her adorable (albeit somewhat angry-looking) dog would fit right in on The Hills! Here's the former Laguna Beach star - who's said to be coming to The Hills next fall - and her pet in L.A.'s Griffith Park Wednesday:

Whether she joins the cast of The Hills are not, two facts are undisputed: We've missed Kristin Cavallari, and pictures of celebrity pets are always clear winners.

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In the latest issue of Life & Style, Kim Kardashian kontinues her krusade in favor of a genuine kurves.

A bikini-klad Kardashian - who stood up for her cellulite a few weeks ago during a Complex photo shoot - appears on the magazine's kover, which bills the photograph as being "100% UNRETOUCHED."

It goes on to read: This is the real me. I love my body. You should love yours, too.

Life & Style Cover

What is kausing Kim to take such a stance?

"I'm so tired of people pretending they're perfect and covering up things when in reality we are who and what we are. You can try to improve that, but the reality is, nobody's perfect."

We kan't argue with that. Click on the pics below for more photos of a kurvy Kim Kardashian:

  • Klad in Bikini
  • Kim and her Kurves

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It's official: Levi Johnston is now America's favorite unwed, redneck, teenage baby daddy - Casey Aldridge has turned 20! Happy birthday, Casey!

Jamie Lynn Spears' boyfriend-fiance received the best possible gift on this 29th day of April, too. He's now out of the ICU at a Mississippi hospital.

Aldridge has been up and walking around today for the first time since suffering a head injury in a car accident on Sunday: "He was a little wobbly because that's the first time he's been up since the wreck," says a family source.

Casey was hospitalized after flipping his F-250 pickup truck on the driver’s side on a two-lane road in Louisiana at about 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Here's hoping he recovers fully and quickly so he can go back to being known for what he first became famous for: boning Jamie Lynn Spears sans condom and knocking her adorable little self up when she was but 16. Ah, young love.

In honor of his birthday, here's a little photo tribute to Casey Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears and their daughter, Maddie Briann. Click to enlarge:

  • Maddie Briann Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Maddie Briann Aldridge, Jamie Lynn Spears

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Never have beauty pageants made so many headlines for reasons other than their bikini bodies.

In the wake of the Carrie Prejean controversy, Shanna Moakler - the director of the Miss California USA pageant - has posed in a new ad supporting gay rights.

The former Miss USA and Playboy centerfold shot a print ad this week in which she slams Proposition 8, the initiative that bans gay marriage in California.

A pair of former Miss California contestants - Raquel Beezley and Tamiko Nash - join Moakler in the poster below.

"I believe Prop 8 lead a campaign of confusion and never made clear what was being asked of the people," Moakler said in a statement. "I find most people have a problem with the word marriage. What I hope for is helping others understand 'civil union' and then one day helping people learn 'marriage' is something not God, not the state or country can solidify, but between two people who love each other."

Thoughts on Moakler's stance?

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Perez Hilton has always made a living poking fun at (and drawing male sex organs on) celebrities. But he's also become one - powerful and wide-reaching.

"I don't consider myself a celebrity because for every two people that like me, there's probably 3 1/2 that don't," opined Hilton, who says he doesn't care if people don't like him, "I just care if you still read my Web site."

And Perez clearly loves to stir the pot.

As if being asked to judge the Miss USA pageant wasn't enough, Hilton went for a bigger splash, asking one of the finalists, Miss California Carrie Prejean, her opinion on the controversial subject of same-sex marriage.

Prejean's responses then and since - homosexual marriage is wrong, people choose to be gay, etc. - have become the hot topic on the talk-show circuit and only bolstered Perez's status as a celebrity and gay rights advocate.

Perez: Legalize Gay

LOVE HIM, HATE HIM: Either way, Perez's influence is undeniable.

Making his own media rounds, he defended the same-sex marriage question as fair and relevant. Prejean stands by her remarks; Hilton stands by his.

It's become an epic feud with the battle lines clearly drawn.

"I said she was a dumb b!tch," Hilton (a.k.a. Mario Lavandeira) said, not backing down in the slightest. "Well, you know what? What she said in that answer was that I am a second-class citizen that doesn't deserve full equality under the law."

Continue Reading...

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As a role model for eight children, Jon Gosselin is trying to show his brood out to take responsibility for one's action.

Therefore, in the wake of accusations that he cheated on wife Kate, the reality star issued the following statement today:

Sharp Dressed Jon

"Like most people, I have male and female friends and I'm not going to end my friendships just because I'm on TV. However, being out... late at night showed poor judgment on my part. What makes me sick is that my careless behavior has put my family in this uncomfortable position. My family is the most important thing in my life and it kills me that these allegations have hurt them."

Jon Gosselin stands accused of infidelity. We can only imagine how much his wife will nag and annoy him now.

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