Oksana Grigorieva: Mel Gibson's Actual Girlfriend?

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Russian/American relations haven't been this confusing since the Cold War.

Here's what we know: Mel Gibson carried on a relationship with a Russian singer named "Oksana."

In Attack Mode!

Here's what a new report states: the girlfriend in question is actually Oksana Grigorieva, not Oksana Pochepa, as previous stories - highlighted by this Oksana's own words - have suggested.

Following along?

According to People, Grigorieva is signed to Gibson's record label, Icon Records.

Oksana Grigorieva has a child with actor Timothy Dalton, above. Rumors also suggest she has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to a relationship with Mel Gibson.

Public records also imply the 39-year old, who previously dated actor Timothy Dalton, has lived in a house linked to Gibson. The residence, purchased in Sherman Oaks, California in December 2008, has an ownership trust administered by the CFO of Gibson's production company.

Moreover, Grigorieva's ex-agent, Victor Kruglov, has seen photographs of Mel's mystery woman and thinks she is, indeed, his former client.

We'll continue to follow this story as news breaks.

Next, we assume former figure skating champion Oksana Baiul will reveal herself as Gibson's lover.


Vladimir?????Hallo????? Vladimir! surely you are not any but Vladimir just another stupid naive Caucasian ... I see it in your comment .. ha ha and you looked around the same as a Russian prostitute and Mel Gibson, yes? yes they are ...
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They were never married and they were together less than two years. She is a classic "gold digger". She tried it with Timothy Dalton but he wouldn't marry her even though they had their own little bastard and now again with Mel Gibson, who by the way has been married for 30 years to Robyn and has 7 children with his wife. If he is smart he will get custody of the little girl and send this lying bag of dog shit back to Russia.


What the fuck are you stupid americans talking about?? Aren´t the tapes clearly enough for your stupid hears?? Don´t you have better things to do then to slash this woman who was clearly verbally abused?? Mel Gibson is just a good piece of crap saying all those nonsense about the mother of his child. Besides how can you judge this woman if you do not know what was happening in their marriage?? Now, if you´re all so fond of this stupid, insane, blow job addict why don´t you go and meet him? Marry him then. Oksana was smart in recording all his bullshit. She´s teaching him a good lesson. Next time that piece of shit known as Mel Gibson, will think twice. Or he´ll just find an "Y", a "Betsie Greene", "Ladanna" or "Ashley"..you stupid gals! Plus, what the fuck do you know about his 20 year marriage with the other woman? Go find yourselves a good book to read!


If these tapes are real in my opinion he is having a mental breakdown. It was never heard of him having these issues with his ex-wife of almost 30yrs. About Oksana.....There are always two sides to the story and she has hers that isn't being addressed quite like Mel's. The tapes seem sketchy and on that note the media will always create more drama to get ratings or people upset.Who is to say unless others who are close to them and know their behaviors come out with it.


I don't trust her. She looks and sounds like second Anna Chapman. She is just successful educated Russian hooker and Mel Gibson is naive superstar.It is so pity, that he can not hear anymore what women are thinking about him.




I've seen several pictures of her, how come she looks totally different in one and different in another; Wondered if she had plastic surgery on her ugly face with all the celebrities' money. She had a baby with Timothy Dalton and now Mel Gibson. Didn't Mel Gibson do a background check on this gold digger. She denied not knowing how the tapes leaked but we all know how it got leaked. Mel needs to make better decisions from now on but it just might be a little too late.


I have no sympathy for her - homewrecking (ugly) gold digger! I also don't know why the media is so obsessed with him using the "N" word. That was said in a private fight. It has nothing to do with ruining his career!!! Not everyone has to be "politically correct", only the politcians in my opinion. And my other opinion, the politicians worse than anybody!!!!!


This Oksana they have no morals and really don't care if Mel Gibson had 20 kids and is married, they get pregnant on purpose just to get at his money, which is the bottom line. After all there's no men in Russia with money so they come to America and he got drunk and gives her a baby. I have nothing good to say about this woman.


You had good work, 2 years after divorce, you can get millinaire who old enough and womanized man, you are homewrecker just like sienna miller who everyone knows homewrecker, steal hudsband from wife and children. they need father's help to grow up. Do you really want to hurt their minds?

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