Octomom Rushes One of 14 Offspring to Hospital

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In an incident that surely wasted more taxpayer money, Nadya Suleman reportedly rushed one of her octuplets to a hospital after he wouldn’t stop crying.

Radar Online reports that around 2:30 p.m. PST, Octomom was concerned after Makai continued to cry and she noticed a bump on the side of his abdomen.

Octomom Steppin' Out Cover

She worried that he had a hernia, so Nadya took the baby to Bellflower medical center where he was born. Doctors examined Makai and said he was fine.

How did Octomom handle the crisis?

“I stayed calm,” Nadya Suleman said.

When you sponge off of society and aren't even responsible for earning your own living, we imagine it's fairly easy to maintain grace under pressure.

Every day is an adventure for the mother of 14.

In other Nadya Suleman news, while there's already going to be an Octomom TV show starring the waste of space herself, a local theater is reportedly going to be putting on - how we wish we were kidding - an Octomom musical!

Currently casting, the OctoMusical is looking for someone who is "funny" and "whimsical" and can cram 14 babies into her womb command authority.

The musical is set to open at a small theater in L.A. in June. We can't wait until the climactic scene when taxpayers revolt and burn her at the stake.


She is the most pathetic excuse for a human being I have ever seen. Soon the dust will clear and she will be standing alone (with the 14 children of course) and then we will see what happenss. I think the tide is turning and she is realizing she made a big mistake. She will keep trying of course but she is not going to get anywhere close to what she expected. At least I hope not because all we need to do is to encourage young girls to go this route to become pregnant. You deserve nothing Nadya, now go and take care of the children you wanted so bad.


She just wanted attention.


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