New, Mismatched Couple Alert: Brooke Hogan and Stack$

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Pop quiz, celebrity gossip followers: Stack$ is...

A) ... the identity of Brooke Hogan's new boyfriend;

B) ... the number of phone books she'd need to stand on in order to be face-to-face with said boyfriend;

C) .. the nickname given to rapper Yannique Barker by fellow artist Brisco, due to the former's "ill" songwriting skills and multi-dimensional personality.

The answer, of course, is: D. All of the above!

Brooke recently took her diminutive new boy toy for a stroll around Miami Beach. (He's the tiny dude on the left; squint hard and you should be able to see him.)

Brooke Hogan and Stack$

Look out, Stack$, an ogre in a bikini is about to gnaw off... oh, nevermind, that's just Brooke Hogan.

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She is a slut with a rep for being passed around by wrestlers fact


Face to face Please she'd be on her knees 98 percent of the time lol


Stack$ in my man. Would luv to spit roast Brooke with Stack$. He could do her in the mouth, and I'd sink into her sexy peachy ass. Gonna cum just fantasising about it!


Yeeah buddy!! Go stacks


Brooke doesn't need to stand on anything. It's stacks who would need to see her eye to eye. Either way he's is lucky to have her.


She should be called She-Hulk Hogan!!!


i love you


She is a skank. And she is UGLY!!


But than she didnt go crazy with Stack all.But Brooke you know that maube you we well thinkings of me that werent know names between didnt you didnt you this before with her kool.Brooke you still making new album oh myuths,liked that beofre.


stop hating